BP Investigates Possible Oil And Methane Leak Over 1 Mile From Original Leak


BP has publicly admitted that if the leaking oil coming from Gulf oil spill is stopped the date indicates that the well casing may blow resulting in oil leaking from the surrounding seafloor.

However, BP denies that there is any evidence to suggest the the oil is leaking from the seafloor already.

Watch BP COO Doug Suttles Discuss The Issue With CNN

Yet on June 11, we witnessed one of their remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) heading more than a mile away from the original spewing well to investigate what appears to be another cloud of oil seeping from the sea floor.

It is not clear if this anomaly is mud or something else but it is quite possible it is oil leaking from the sea floor.

As it gets closer to the source we see a rock on the sea floor around the origin of this possible oil cloud.

At around 7:15 into the the video we get a pretty good view of what looks to be a good sized hole blown into the rock.


As the ROV drives away from the rock we see bubbles leaking from the sea floor which could indicate methane leaking from the comprised well casing.

BP ROV investigates possible oil cloud and methane bubbles leaking from the sea floor.

Location of this possible seafloor leak:

Depth 4968.39
Alt 2.531
Heading 258.20
E: 12033621.22

Location of the leaking BOP where BP is siphoning oil:

Depth 4929.4
N: 10431612.89
E: 202798.25
Heading 102.0

Using UTM coordinates which puts the North and East coordinates in terms of feet we come up with a distance of approximately 5872.46 feet

This means if this anomaly is in fact oil seeping from the sea floor this leak would be over a mile away from the original leak point.

After the capture of this video I recorded several more sea floor inspections by the under water robots.

BP ROV inspecting more methane bubbles and coagulated blobs of oil coming from the sea floor.

Note that due to YouTube compression the details of these videos are not clear as in the original videos, but both the possible oil cloud and the methane leaks can be seen.


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