BP Internal Probe Finds BP Engineers and BP Management Caused The BP Gulf Oil Spill


Reuters reports that a person familiar with the internal investigation of the BP Gulf Oil Spill says BP’s internal investigation into the spill cites BP Engineers as the cause of the disaster.

According to the Reuters report BP’s internal investigation has found:

  • The investigation places some of the blame on mistakes by its engineers while finishing the deep sea oil well.
  • The probe also blamed BP engineers for misreading pressure data which indicated a blowout was imminent.
  • BP managers aboard the Deepwater Horizon rig misinterpreted a test of the Macondo well’s stability.
  • The misinterpretation of the stability of the well lead to the replacement expensive drilling mud with seawater which was to light to stop the methane that was leaking from the well which eventually ended up shooting up the well and causing the explosion on the rig.

BP declined to comment on the leaked report but has stated it plans to release the full results of the investigation within the next 10 days.


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