BP Editing Gulf Oil Spill Video Feeds To Hide Many Oil and Gas Leaks From Cracks On Sea Floor


BP has once again been caught editing the BP Gulf Oil Spill video feeds to hide many oil and methane leaks coming from cracks in the sea floor near the BP well.

I previously posted a collection of several videos showing oil and gas leaking from cracks in sea floor but neither the US Government or BP has acknowledged those leaks and instead continue to put our press releases saying that static kill and the cement plug have worked to kill the well.

That leads me to the conclusion that once the BP pumps more cement into the bottom of the well using the relied well they plan on abandoning the well while oil and gas continue to leak from the sea floor.

It is apparent that the pressure caused on the well by filling it with cement has only caused the fractures in the sea floor to worsen and thus release more oil and methane gas through the cracks in the sea floor.

Previously experts have warned that cracks in the sea floor could prevent BP from permanently sealing the well with a relief well.

In order to be able to abandon the well, and clear themselves of liability, while it is still leaking BP is currently mastering the art of manipulating the live video feeds to hide methane and oil leaks coming from the sea floor.

Once again BP has been caught applying photoshop like filters to the BP Gulf Oil Spill live video feeds to hide such leaks.

In the video above I clearly point out how the live video filters being applied to the ROV feeds remove methane bursts and oil plumes from the videos being sent to the public to coverup the fact the by cementing the well while the BOP was still leaking the cement did not make a proper seal.

In the video I point out several videos that I have posted on my youtube account and here on my blog to show that methane and oil is leaking from cracks in the sea floor in several placed near the BP Gulf Oil Spill well.

The decision by the Government and BP has made the fractures in the sea floor even worse and almost immediately caused oil to start leaking from the sea bed.

Despite the governments claims the well is not plugged.

Just to be clear here is Thad Allen DENYING THAT THERE ARE EVEN BUBBLES COMING FROM THE SEA FLOORwhile an ROV films methane leaking .

Anyone with two eyes can see that the well is clearly leaking bad in several places and as those leaks continue they will only continue to get worse.

The well is clearly leaking underground into the formation and is making its way to the sea floor through cracks in the strata.


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