BP Capturing Over 10000 Barrels Per Day As Oil Leak Remains Unchecked.


BP is collecting AT LEAST 8,000 barrels of oil per day, possibly over 13,000 barrels per day but there is little visible decrease in the amount of oil leaking from LMRP siphon cap in the Gulf oil spill.

06/06/2010 3:56PM. It’s official. My calculations are no longer speculation. BP now acknowledges that is is capturing over 10,000 barrels per day. There is little to no visible reduction in the oil leaking from the well.

06/05/2010 BOP Leak 10:33 PM 6/5/2010 and still very little visible decrease.

BP says on June 4, a total of 6,077 barrels of oil was collected through the LMRP siphon. and previously tweeted that during the first 12 hours BP collected 1810 barrels of oil.

I know twitter is a lame source but it is BP’s official twitter account. Since this is BREAKING NEWS I will add mainstream media references when I find them.

Here is a break down of where the 8340 Barrels per day comes from, a video comparison of oil leaking at three different points and finally why the real number could be well over 13,000 barrels per day.

Videos in this comparison where all recorded from the Skandi – ROV 1 (45685) bkup=49182 feed of the live bp oil leak cam video stream.

  1. BP was not siphoning any oil when LMRP cap was first installed. See this videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0TmmoaDoLc or watch below.
  2. BP collected 1810 barrels of oil in the first 12 hours. See his videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1t7KrKlSIA or watch below.
  3. BP collected 6000 barrels of oil in the first 24 hours. See this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN_9Q1ho8Ak or watch below.
  4. 3) 6000 barrels total in the first 24 hours minus the 1810 barrels in the first 12 hours gives us 4190 collected in second 12 hours. 6000-1810 = 4190
  5. So daily average of oil collected over the second 12 hours equals 8380 barrels of oil per day. 4190 barrels of oil * 2 (12 hour periods) = 8380 barrels of oil per day.

But even though BP is now capturing way over 8,000 BPD it barely seems to have made a dent in the oil leaking. Judge for yourself.

Why do I say AT LEAST!! 8380 Barrels per day

8380 barrels per day is the average collected over the last 12 hours.

It is highly unlikely that BP increased the amount of oil being captured to 8380 barrels per day exactly 12 hours ago and left the amount being siphoned at that rate.

It is more likely that BP has been gradually increasing the amount being siphoned.. which means the current amount being siphoned must be higher than 8380 barrels per day to give us an average of 8380 barrels per day.

In fact.. If we use the mean 3620 as the amount being collected 12 hours ago and assume an even increase over the last 12 hours the amount being collected right now would be 13140 barrels of oil per day. (13140+3620 = 16760 and 16760 /2 gives us an average of 8380 barrels per day.


  1. BP collects 1810 barrels of oil in first 12 hours.
  2. BP Collects over 6,000 barrels of oil from well in first 24 hours
  3. BP Captures 1000 Barrels of oil on June 5

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