BP BACKPEDAL: WE are not using dispersants, but NOT CERTAIN about others — “We have lots of contractors”


As more and more proof surfaces that Gulf waters are still polluted by the BP Gulf Oil Spill and dispersants are stilling being used by BP and BP hired mercenaries BP backpedals at a local town hall and says they are not sure if BP contractors are still using dispersants.

Oily mix and tar balls pollute waters near Dauphin Island, AL, National Resources Defense Council Switchboard, August 23, 2010:

[We spotted] huge plastic containers marked with Corexit warning labels on the dock public docks near Bayou La Batre. …

The next day at a town hall meeting in Buras, LA, BP Mobile Incident Commander Keith Seilhan was asked about the use of chemical dispersants. “We are not using dispersants and haven’t been for some time,” he said.

But when asked whether contractors who operate in state waters could be, he said hecould not be certain. “We have lots of contractors, but no one should be using them. If they are, we need to know about it and stop it.”

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