Bombshell Ruling — Feds Have To Keep Their Dirty Hands Off Legal Medical Pot Shops

Bombshell Ruling — Feds Have To Keep Their Dirty Hands Off Legal Medical Pot Shops


Bombshell Ruling – Feds Have To Keep Their Dirty Hands Off Legal Medical Pot Shops

By Jay Syrmopoulos

In a landmark decision on this week, a federal court found that the federal government has no standing to block the legal operation of medical cannabis dispensaries, provided they comply with state laws.

The decision was a direct result of a congressional act last December, in which Congress cut off federal funding for the prosecution of cannabis clubs, provided they were operating within current state law.

The landmark decision came in the case of Lynette Shaw, who ironically opened the first licensed medical marijuana dispensary in the United States. Her dispensary was ultimately raided and shut down by the DEA in 2011.

Shaw has been in court over 100 times fighting the legality of the closure since her dispensary was shuttered, according to NBC. The decision by U.S. Judge Charles Breyer ended the long-running battle she has been engaged in with the federal government.

Judge Breyer ruled that the congressional decision to cut off funding for the prosecution of medical cannabis clubs took precedence over the Department of Justice, thus meaning that a federal injunction in place against Shaw and her dispensary had no legal standing. Now, there are medical marijuana clinics opening throughout the United States and even those who use it for recreational purposes, giving companies like Puffmen places to thrive and develop. With the expansion of marijuana industry growing, other types of businesses have begun thriving as well such as online dispensaries where consumers can buy marijuana edibles, marijuana topicals products and cbd products. Some dispensaries have the ability to grow their own supply of marijuana to sell within their stores, there are also places where recreational marijuana is legal where laws are put in place for users to grow their own marijuana plants in their own homes. With this means there is a now a market for cultivation purposes with businesses such as GreenBudGuru who have written a comprehensive list of equipment for users who want their own grow room and exercise their right to grow marijuana for recreational use. Choosing seeds from this seed bank usa, buying equipment and growing and harvesting their own plants is something that more and more people are finding themselves enjoying.

Shaw’s attorney, Greg Anton, believes that this decision is a tipping point for medical marijuana in the U.S.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office has 30 days to file an appeal to Breyer’s ruling.

With an ever-growing body of research indicating the extreme medicinal benefits of cannabis, efforts to continue lining the pockets of the profiteers of the prison-industrial-complex by criminalizing non-criminal behavior are doomed to fail.

The reality is that people no longer believe the “Reefer Madness” hysteria still being propagated to the masses by corporate media. This decision by Judge Breyer highlights the changes that have been made and represents the future of medical marijuana in America.

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