BOMBSHELL: Mortgage Industry Catalog And Price Sheet For FABRICATED Foreclosure Documents Leaked


Foreclosure lawyer releases bombshell industry catalog and price sheet for fabricated documents used by Wall Street Banks in America’s mortgage foreclosure fraud mills.

According to a report on the Daily Bail, a lawyer has leaked an industry catalog and a price sheet for fabricated documents which is attached to this page.

The catalog provides Wall Street Bankers that are committing widespread mortgage fraud by running foreclosure mills a means of fabricating documents on demand to push fraudulent foreclosures through the courts.

The Daily Bail has published the catalog online noting it serves as proof of widespread loss of mortgage documentation.

The missing documentation forces mortgage companies to fabricate new documentation in order  to process foreclosures.

Once fabricated the documents are then rubber stamped by foreclosure Judges without verifying the validity of the documents.

The practice has led to several cases of homes being foreclosed on even when the  homes didn’t even have a mortgages on them.

According to a Reuters  reported  from just a few days ago, instead of making the banks stop their the practice of widespread mortgage fraud, states are actually negotiating deals to give banks participating in foreclosure fraud immunity from prosecution.

In a related scandal, a man who was investigating a Judge who had allowed his home to be fraudulently foreclosed on wound up dead. News of the man’s death came after the man made a video and revealed he had received death threats demanding he stop investigating the judge.

Watch — Man Investigating Foreclosure Judge Who Allowed His Home To Be Fraudulently Stolen Winds Up Dead


View The Catalog And Price Sheet For Fabricated Mortgage Documents

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