Blackwater Changed Its Name, Not Habits

Blackwater Changed Its Name, Not Habits

As Blackwater avoids war crimes prosecution, by paying a $7.5 million deferred prosecution bribe and promising they’ve changed, the only thing that’s changed is their name.

The firm formerly known as Blackwater – now Academi LLC- is paying a $7.5 million bribe to get out of war crimes prosecution.

That’s on top of its already 42 million dollar settlement reached regarding civil arms export violations.

They recently admitted to wrongdoing in connection to 17 federal criminal charges and the funds that they will use to pay off those fines will come from already existing contracts from the Pentagon.

So what seems to be an act of accountability boils down to a continued revolving door between defense contractors and the government – all amid the talks on how terrible it is to cut the Pentagon budget.

Douglas McGregor, a retired US Army colonel, talks with RT on the matter revealing how the only thing that has changed about Blackwater is their name.

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