Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren announce Support for Trump

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren announced support for several common goals they want to work with Trump to accomplish.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren both made public statements advocating support for several items outlined on Donald Trump’s campaign agenda .

Both Sanders and Warren announced in their statements they wish to work with Donald Trump to implement these items and will work with Trump to fight establishment politicians from both the Democrat and Republican parties to push them through.

Elizabeth Warren joined Bernie Sanders in announcing support for Trump to accomplish many shared many common goals. Sanders and Warren were cited in several news reports today saying they wish to work with Trump to push shared common goals of taking on Wall Street, ending globalist benefiting free trade, creating jobs at home instead of shipping them overseas, ending foreign wars, investing in Infrastructure, reforming healthcare, and rebuilding the poor and working class.

Meanwhile, per standard protocol, the media has buried the endorsements of Sanders and Warrent and have instead pushed the statements to the public through a partisan lens.

But let’s be clear here. To Trump and Sanders and Warren and to Americans  these issues aren’t red or blue. They aren’t democrat or republican.

They non-partisan issues that affect every single American regardless of socioeconomic background, race, color or creed or favor for political party..

These are many of the same issues that propelled me to support President Obama for both of his elections.

The same issues that inspired me to Occupy Wall Street 5 years ago.

The same issues that inspired me to support Bernie Sanders throughout the primaries.

Then after Crooked Hillary stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders it was music to my ears to hear Donald Trump echoing the same refrain.

To be fair the media tried it’s damnest to keep that message from reaching my ears, and your ears and the ears of every American.

But the message resonated. People heard it. It was shared on social media the same way Occupy’s message was shared and the same way that Bernie’s message was shared.

This isn’t about party. It’s about the people verse the elite establishment.

More from the Raw Story, but don’t be fooled by the “fight the GOP” headline.

Trump, Warren and Sanders have many shared goals of taking of the cause of the forgotten American in their fight against the elitist establishment:

Sanders and Warren to Trump: We’ll help you fight GOP


During his unorthodox Republican presidential campaign, Donald Trump at times touted his support for longtime progressive causes, promising to reform trade deals, invest in infrastructure, reinstate a key Depression-era financial regulation and combat political corruption. Now, some of Trump’s harshest progressive critics are offering their support for the president-elect on the issues on which they seem to agree.

In a speech at the nation’s largest labor federation, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said Americans are right to be angry that “Washington dithers and spins and does the backstroke in an ocean of money, while the American Dream moves further and further out of reach for too many families.” She credited Trump for spotlighting the problem.

“President-Elect Trump spoke to these issues. Republican elites hated him for it. But he didn’t care,” she told the AFL-CIO. “So let me be 100 percent clear about this. When President-Elect Trump wants to take on these issues, when his goal is to increase the economic security of middle class families, then count me in.  I will put aside our differences and I will work with him to accomplish that goal.  I offer to work as hard as I can and to pull as many people as I can into this effort.  If Trump is ready to go on rebuilding economic security for millions of Americans, so am I and so are a lot of other people-Democrats and Republicans.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, expressed a similar sentiment.

“Trump tapped into the anger of a declining middle class that is sick and tired of establishment economics, establishment politics and the establishment media,” he said in a press release. “To the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him.”


Source: Raw Story

Of course without fail the article ends with a hedging of the Sander’s and Warren’s statements of support and willingness to support Donald Trump to accomplish shared goals.

Simply put they don’t want the left and the right to unite. But real change starts with Americans not dividing themselves by black or white or read or blue.

But I guess President Bush said it the best. We need to catapult the propaganda.

Regardless. Occupy, Tea Party, Trump. This isn’t about a candidate. It’s about a movement. Our voices will be heard.

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