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kevin-holderKevin Holder is the Editor in Chief at Higgins News Network (HNN). “As a long-time environmental activist and social justice advocate there must be a global awakening for the greater good and HNN is one of the springboards to make this happen.”




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Alexander Higgins is an independent citizen journalist that aggregates and reports on news and political issues with a focus on government corruption and environmental activism.


  1. dim
    dim 7 December, 2016, 19:46

    Aren’t you overlooking the Michigan electoral rule that if there’s any non-reconciliation (recorded tally doesn’t match number of ballots in the box, seals broken, etc) that the original tally STANDS?

    If fraud has been baked into a particular ballot box by multiple-scanned ballots (overvotes), that fraud is maintained by the rule that the original tally stands. The fraudulent votes aren’t “excluded” from the recount, they STAND. Correct?

    I’d question you to verify any statement you make that large numbers of Clinton votes will be “excluded” – please verify that presumption against the electoral rule with an expert attorney knowledgeable in Michigan statutes.


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