Assange Protests Hit UK Consulate In NY

Assange Protests Hit UK Consulate In NY

A group of protestors have gathered outside the British consulate in New York, the US, over London’s handling of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.


Press TV – Assange, who has sheltered inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the past eight weeks, is under police siege and the British government has even threatened to violate the diplomatic immunity of the embassy and storm the building, where the Australian is staying, to arrest him.

The protesters said they want London to remove the siege and let Assange get out of the embassy building.

“We plan on staying until Julian Assange gets out of the embassy,” one of the activists named Adam Peck said.

The protest in New York comes after a similar group of activists picketed the British consulate in Melbourne, Australia, last week to call for Assange’s release.

The protestors carried placards that read “hands off WikiLeaks, free Julian Assange” and condemned the British government’s threats to raid the Ecuadorian embassy.

“UK consulate officials are refusing to speak to us. We want to speak to them about their attacks on Ecuador’s sovereignty that have massive implications for other embassies,” one of the activists in Melbourne said.



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