As Occupy Wall Street Protests Spread Nationwide, Women Arrested For Filming Speaks Out

Russia Today reports on the spread of the Occupy Wall Street to cities across America and interviews a women who was arrested for allegedly filming on the streets.


You may not know it, but the Occupy Wall Street Protests have spread nationwide. Some protest camps are already up an running with live streaming of the occupation available online and protest planning underway in other states and cities.

In this video, Russia Today reports on the spread of the protests and runs a video clip of today’s protests in Chicago. They also interview a women who is speaking out against a violation of her civil rights. Although the Constitution provides us 1st amendment rights and the supreme court recently ruled it is indeed a civil liberty to film police in public that still didn’t stop the police from arresting her for allegedly filming the protests.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is starting to spread across the US and the message from NYC has reached Denver, Chicago and Los Angeles. Many of the protesters are asking for Wall Street to be held accountable for the economic situation. Christina Gonzalez, Occupy Wall Street protestors, speaks out.

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