As NOT Seen On TV – Syria Terrorists Launch Rocket Attacks Following UN Cease Fire Deadline

As NOT Seen On TV – Syria Terrorists Launch Rocket Attacks Following UN Cease Fire Deadline

The government of Syria struggles to continue to stick to their commitment to a UN peace plan and ceasefire as Syria rebels launch new rounds of terrorist attacks on civilians in Homs.


The government of Syria finds itself in the odd predicament of abiding by a one-side ceasefire in accordance with a UN and Arab backed peace plan.

On the other side of the equation are the Syria terrorists who refuse to abide by the UN plan which corporate news outlets such as CNN continue to refer to as “protestors” despite their continued attacks on civilians following the ceasefire deadline.

As part of the agreement, Syria has even agreed to allow UN Security Council monitors to enter the nation to monitor the violence.

But NATO allies aren’t looking for peace instead they are preparing for an all out war even as Russia warships head to Syria to guard the nation’s coast from a NATO attack.

I previously reported on the NATO war provocation and the Russian response of deploying warships.

As NATO Provokes War Russia Deploys Warships To Guard Syria Permanently

Russia is permanently deploying warships to guard Syria as NATO prepares to launch an all out war.

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced the permanent deployment of Russian navy warships to guard the coastline of Syria in response to the recent escalation of hostilities toward by NATO allies.

The announcement is an about face from previous statements that Russia would not intervene if NATO attacks Syria.
The change of hear is most likely due to the fact that the US and its NATO allies are choosing to escalate the crisis in despite the Syria’s agreement to a UN and Arab League backed peace plan and ceasefire.
The escalation have come in through a variety of diplomatic, covert and military means.

Turkey just yesterday cited of the article 5 of the NATO treaty in calling for NATO to launch a military intervention after skirmishes broke out along the Turkey border where Turkey is providing the Syria terrorist rebel army with military bases to launch attacks across the border.
This comes as accusations fly that Turkey is being forced into ganging up against Syria.

There has been a military building of NATO navy vessels near Syria and a massive evacuation of NATO diplomatic officials.

Obama has just announced the US will supply “non-lethal” aid to the terrorist rebels to the Syria rebels which has sparked strong criticism that the US is purposefully working against the UN peace plan.

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Press TV reports on the latest around of terrorist attacks.

Armed groups in Syria have launched rocket attacks on a neighborhood in the restive city of Homs, killing at least one civilian and injuring a dozen more.

Press TV – The Saturday attack on al-Zahra neighborhood comes in violation of a ceasefire brokered by the joint UN-Arab league peace envoy Kofi Annan that took effect two days ago.

Syrian media also reported on the same day that an armed terrorist group in Idlib kidnapped a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections, SANA reporeted.

The gunmen stormed candidate Mohammad Ismael al-Ahmad house in al-Tah town and shot him before taking him to an unknown location.

An army colonel was also kidnapped by armed men while he was driving to his post in the central province of Hama.

Meanwhile, two Syrian law enforcement officers on patrol were killed as their vehicle was attacked by armed terrorists on Daraa-Sweida highway between al-Ghosum and al-Sakhwa villages.


UN Security Council approves monitors’ deployment to Syria

The United Nations Security Council has unanimously agreed to send an initial team of unarmed truce observers to Syria.

The resolution, which authorizes an advance team of up to 30 unarmed military observers to Syria to watch compliance with the ceasefire agreement, passed 15-0.

The observers will be tasked with establishing contact and interaction with the sides and making reports on compliance with the ceasefire regime by all parties to the conflict until a full mission is deployed in the country.

The observer team is expected to arrive within a few days of the resolution’s passing.

The resolution also calls on both sides to immediately “cease all armed violence in all its forms”, and for the Syrian government to implement the demand by international envoy Kofi Annan to pull troops and heavy weapons out of cities and towns.


Source: RT

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