Armed Citizen Defends Unarmed Dollar General Employees

Armed and dangerous? You bet! But only to criminals. Guns help to save the lives of law abiding citizens.

by Lorrie Anderson

Armed and dangerous? You bet! But only to criminals. On many occasions I have posted and written about the importance of American Citizens being armed. I have shown statistics, and proven through them the importance of a well armed citizenry. In my research I have looked at every point of view Anti-gun vs Pro-gun, and it always turns out the same. Guns help to save the lives of law abiding citizens.

According to FOX 30 WAWS and channel 47 WTEV two men came into the Dollar General with guns, faces covered, and gloves on their hands. It was very clear they meant business, and were intent on robbing the store. Perhaps Verisure alarms for businesses could have been implemented to further protect the store and act as a deterrent. A customer that was inside Dollar General at the time of the attempted robbery was notified by the manager of the current situation.

The customer was a ccw permit holder and had his/her gun on him/her. The customer then used his/her gun and fired on the robbers. By the time authorities arrived on scene one robber was dead, and the other had taken off and was long gone. Authorities are still looking for the second robber. Authorities while trying to get there in time, were unable to stop what could have been another massacre. They arrived after the crime had been committed. Once again proving that the police cannot always protect you.

Law abiding gun owners from all over the country are proving the need for citizens to have weapons. Responsible gun owners help to set an example of what a citizen considering buying a firearm can look up to; there are plenty of places online that they can learn more about the various products available to gun owners and the ways in which they can accessorize them for a variety of purposes. They are also proving to be a big help in the fight against crime. They are saving lives of innocent citizens that choose to not carry a weapon, as well as helping our police officers. The public is becoming more aware and realizing guns are not the issue, criminals are.

Note from the Author: I contacted my local paper to find out why they never post anything good about guns. When I called, the writer told me “I would have to speak with the Editor of the paper, he is the one that makes the decisions as to what is printed or not.” I then asked to speak with the editor, surprisingly there was no answer. I was sent to voice mail and left the following message on his voice mail: ” Hello, my name is Lorri Anderson. I am calling in reference to all the media you place in your paper against guns. I am wanting to speak with you to find out why it is you never post any stories of people who are law abiding citizens that have saved innocent civilians, as well as helped to save police officers lives. Please contact me as soon as possible, as I am a subscriber and would like to know that your media coverage is not biased, Thank You.”

To no surprise, I have not received a call back yet, nor do I hold my breath. However, I am going to continue to call. I am going to let them know that we law abiding citizens want all the stories, not just the ones that manipulate the public into thinking that guns are bad. I want them to realize the public is more aware than they think. That the biased news media will not continue to be able to blind the people to the truth. People are waking up, slowly, but they are waking up and realizing the importance of their Second Amendment right.

about Lorrie Anderson

Mother of four wonderful children and grandmother of three. Poet/writer/singer/dancer/model/business owner/non-profit business owner etc… Started D.P.A.A.W.L. INC, a non-profit animal rescue in the state of Kentucky that worked closely with animal control, law enforcement, as well as the Lewis County S.P.C.A. in which I was elected to Chairman of the Board . Volunteered and worked with: Partnership Against Domestic Violence, Senior Citizens Social Services of Pike County, Community Action Committee of Pike County, Central Ohio Diabetes Association, Food Pantries, Children’s Services in both Ohio and Kentucky, Lewis County S.P.C.A., Lewis County Humane Society, as well as many other organizations. I believe strongly in our Second Amendment right to “BEAR ARMS”. I am a licensed CCW carrier and proud of it.

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