Anaheim Police Brutality Provokes Riots In California


A horrific chain of events in California, including police shooting unarmed people and brutality against woman and children, provokes riots in California.

A horrific chain of events is unfolding in California, which includes police shooting unarmed people and horrific videos showing police firing rubber bullets and other devices at crowds were woman and children are present.

Those who saw the violence were demanding answers from the cops, but the officers responded violently once again.

Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper balls at protestors demanding answers even though woman and children were present in the crowd.


The brutality was also coupled with the the murder of another unarmed man.

Cops Kill Another Man In Anaheim Amid Protests, Attempted Evidence Cover Up


Police have shot dead a second man in Anaheim following an earlier shooting and attempted cover up brutality against protestors.

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Making matters worse is reports surfaced that the police were attempting to cover up their criminal acts.

Anaheim Police Face Evidence-Buying Claims To Cover Up Two Fatal Shootings


Anaheim Police are trying to buy up all cell phone footage to cover up two fatal shootings and the police brutality that followed.

The video shows some very disturbing images including police firing rubber bullets and letting a dog loose on a woman holding a baby.

To talk more about what is going on in Anaheim, RT’s Kristine Frazao is joined by Michael Prysner of the ANSWER Coalition.



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