Amazing Videos: Tear Gas, Stun Grenades And Rubber Bullets Fired At #OccupyOakland #OWS

Amazing Videos: Tear Gas, Stun Grenades And Rubber Bullets Fired At #OccupyOakland #OWS


An Oakland police raid on the Occupy Wall Street protest camp has now culminated into the police firing tear gas, rubber bullets and concussion grenades on the occupiers

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Occupy Oakland tweeted that they are under a surprise attack by the Oakland police.

#occupyoakland attacked by 500 cops in surprise assault. tear gas, rubber bullets, shotguns, flash bang grenades. Many injured.

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Update From @jackalanon, 9pm Pacific:

#OccupyOakland Notes for myself but you’ll want to know: I saw use of tear gas three times, the sound canon, bean bags, uncountable amount of flashbangs and rubber bullets being used. I saw 1 kid passed out, a few people bleeding, puking and everyone screaming and crying. I was affected by tear gas was at least 3 times. eyes / skin burning, couldn’t breath due to coughing. And got hit by a bean bag (wish I would’ve kept it). Cops where in full riot gear with shield, gas mask and beaten almost the full time. Moving moments was when a protester threw $$$ at the police line yelling “will you protect us now?” and after the first attack of tear gas we chanted “we’re still here” though our unbelievably burning crying. I was never close enough to see any badge numbers, and although I didn’t see it I herd of quite a few times of people getting hit with the baton.

Tonight started off as a protest, but was turned into a full out war for no reason. The crowd I was with was always peaceful. We yelled, protested, yes, but that is fully in our rights. We are the people to protect, not the people to be denied our rights as citizens of the United States. Our forefathers and our military personal fought hard for these rights, and for what? For us to be suppressed? I think not… it’s our turn to not ask, beg, or vote our rights back, but to take them as they are ours. — @JackalAnon

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CNN and other media sources report there have been no injuries, but that appears to be more of the same lies we heard about the protests in NYC. In that case, the media just reported the official statements from police even though there where many videos on you tube showing and claiming injuries suffered.

Police lies reported from MSNBC’s breaking news:

Update: No injuries reported after police fire tear gas at #OccupyOakland protesters, assembled media, Oakland Police say

Note that local KTVU, in the video below reports a female injured, on the ground and bleeding from the police attack.

LIVE VIDEO STREAMS Of Occupy Oakland: Here’s the CBS News live feed. Periodically going dark. Here is another local news feed from KRON-4. Here’sthe ABC affiliate. Here’s a stream from an Anon/Occupy activist. And here’s another. This archived stream shows police dropping flash-bangs and launching large amounts of tear gas into a crowd.

Videos Of Occupy Oakland Police Attacks

Attacks against the peaceful protestors in Oakland continues to rage on into the night with the latest reports showing the police firing tear gas and stun grenades upon the crowd.



From and aerial view shows the grenades being fired on Occupy Oakland after they assembled in the streets following the initial raid. In this video, you can also see after the initial round of stun grenades, a small group of people run back toward the barricade. They are trying to help an unconscious woman, who is lying on the ground and bleeding profusely. As they do, the police detonate several more grenades on them. One explodes right next to the injured woman’s head.

27 second clip capturing the loud explosions and people being attacked with explosives.

From ABC news, footage of grenades and tear gas being fired on the crowd.

Videos of a 4th tear gas and concussion grenade attack launched against Occupy Oakland around 2:05 am est on 10/26/2011/

Bleeding, unconscious woman on the ground, demonstrators rush to aid, police open fire

Some photos from Occupy Oakland




Single navyman faces riot police after they fire tear gas. he holds a copy of the US constitution #occupyoakland


Some mischievous guy just stuck this sticker on a police barricade. #occupyoakland




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