AlJazeera – Fukushima Residents Report Various Illnesses

AlJazeera – Fukushima Residents Report Various Illnesses

An AlJazeera video report details illnesses in Fukushima including a teacher who has been documenting rapid tooth decay, skin blisters, and rashes.

Fukushima Resident Experiences Rapid Tooth Decay

A debate is raging in Japan over the extent of the radiation contamination in the wake of last year’s nuclear disaster in Fukushima. The teeth of many residents have been ruined with radiation contamination being blamed for this. As a result, some of the residents are exploring whether veneers may overcome the aesthetic destruction of their teeth.

One teacher 25 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear power plant says out of protest of the government’s lies to show others the radiation is not safe she is not taking any additional precautions against radiation exposure.

Instead she is just following what the government says, traveling without protection and eating food from places and in amounts the government says are safe. She should really consider going to the dentist topeka ks or medical practitioner in her area because if she leaves any of these problems untreated, the consequences could be fatal. In the long run, her teeth could rot or fall out, leaving her with no teeth at all. The longer she goes without getting her teeth looked at, the more likely she is at contracting a tooth infection which could require further treatment, like root canal therapy to help restore her oral health to a decent standard. Other people should take the relevant safety precautions against the radiation to prevent this from happening to them.

As a result, the health of the well-known teacher has started rapidly deteriorating with her severity of her condition only accelerating more as time goes by.

This video from Al-Jazeera tells her story and the story of the children at her school and the people who live near her.

I have also written previously about her condition and you can read my take in this article and see more pictures documenting the woman’s health.


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