ALERT: US Surgeon General Warns “Be prepared for harmful radiation from Japan”

Almost immediately after learning that the UN has released an official forecast of the radioactive plume from Japan’s nuclear reactor hitting the US west coast within the next 2 days I came across the article below on Before It’s News.

I first thought it must be some sensationlist article because all other stories about the forecast clearly state that the radiation forecast will be dilute and unharmful.

So I checked the source and it’s legit. Just pressed on the UK newspaper, the Daily Mail. This is scary stuff that is apparently being filtered from US mainstream media.

Surgeon General Warns Be prepared for harmful radiation from Japan

Gas masks, emergency kits and space blankets: Hysteria in U.S. as thousands of Americans panic-buy radiation protection and drugs

By David Derbyshire and Mark Duell
Last updated at 8:24 PM on 16th March 2011

  • U.S. Surgeon General warns Americans to ‘be prepared‘for harmful radiation from Japan to hit West Coast
  • sells 250,000 potassium iodide pills while Anbex gets three orders a MINUTE instead of per week
  • Packs of 14 pills that usually cost $9.99 changing hands on and eBay for $250 to $400
  • begs people not to place any more orders after it sells out of radiation detection gadgets
  • Surge in purchases of gas masks and emergency survival kits including food, water and space blankets also reported
  • Real-time radiation map of U.S. shows levels are currently within normal ranges
  • Japan Fukushima plant rocked by another fire and two more explosions, bringing the total to four
  • President Obama: ‘No danger of Japan nuclear fallout reaching the U.S.’

After a disaster on the scale of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, it’s understandable for U.S. citizens to be concerned for their welfare.

But many on the West Coast appear to be taking things a little too far by stocking up with equipment that would normally be used during a nuclear war.

President Obama has called for calm as worried Americans panic-buy drugs to protect themselves against the nuclear fallout and U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin warned them to ‘be prepared’ for harmful radiation from Japan’s stricken Fukushima plant that could blow across to the West Coast.

Ms Benjamin made the remarks to NBC Bay Area while touring a California hospital. Anbex quickly sold out of a 10,000-strong supply of 14-tablet packages of potassium iodide pills on Saturday. But Mr Obama reassured Americans any nuclear release will dissipate even by the time it gets to Hawaii.

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin
Panic: U.S. Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin, left, said it was right to be prepared for harmful radiation that could blow across to the West Coast following explosions at the Fukushima plant in Japan

A pack of iodine tablets in Tome, Japan 15 March 2011.
Worried Americans panic-bought potassium iodide tablets to protect themselves against any nuclear fallout

Prepared: Soldiers mobilised to wash away radioactive material emitted from the nuclear power plant put on gas masks and protective gear
Prepared: Soldiers mobilised to wash away radioactive material emitted from the nuclear power plant put on gas masks and protective gear

Stocks of the tablets that aim to stop radiation poisoning the thyroid gland are running low and customers missing out are said to be ‘crying’ or ‘terrified’.

Anbex president Alan Morris said the firm was getting three orders per minute for the $10 iOSAT packages – compared to the normal rate of as low as three per week. ‘Those who don’t get it are crying,’ he told the Wall Street Journal. ‘They’re terrified.’

Fleming Pharmaceuticals, which makes liquid potassium iodide, say they are getting dozens of calls and emails every hour for their 45ml $13.25 ThyroShield bottles. ‘It actually has been insanity here,’ co-owner Deborah Fleming Wurdack said. The company expects to sell out this week.

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