Al Qaeda: Attack On Libya Embassy Revenge For US Drone Strike

Al Qaeda: Attack On Libya Embassy Revenge For US Drone Strike

Al Qaeda has released a statement saying the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya and the assassination of the US Ambassador was in revenge for US drone assassinations.

As the narrative being told to the public on the media continues to change and literally fall apart under scrutiny of contradictory evidence Al Qaeda has stepped forward to verify what objective journalists have reported.

Specifically the attack on the US Embassy in Libya that culminated in the lynching of US Ambassador Chris Stevens was revenge for US drone assassinations.

In the statement Al Qaeda goes onto to make it clear the Muslim protests that are spreading around the world are in response to the transitioning of the U.S. and its allies transitioning from the targeting of specific groups to targeting of all as a whole.

Al-Qaeda says attack on U.S. consulate in Libya ‘revenge’ for death of its 2nd man

Al-Qaeda said the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya was in revenge for the killing of the network’s number two Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libi, SITE Intelligence Group reported Saturday, as Libyan authorities have identified 50 people who were involved in the attack.

“The killing of Sheikh Abu Yahya only increased the enthusiasm and determination of the sons of (Libyan independence hero) Omar al-Mokhtar to take revenge upon those who attack our Prophet,” al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said in a statement, quoted by the U.S.-based monitoring group, according to AFP.


But it stressed that “the uprising of our people in Libya, Egypt and Yemen against America and its embassies is a sign to notify the United States that its war is not directed against groups and organizations … but against the Islamic nation that has rebelled against injustice.”

The statement comes four days after al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri issued a video eulogizing Libi, his late deputy and propaganda chief who was killed in a drone strike in June.

Mohammed al-Megaryef, the head of Libya’s national assembly, said on Saturday that the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was planned and “meticulously executed.”

Tuesday’s attack by armed men in the eastern city of Benghazi came amid a wave of protests in the Muslim world against a U.S.-made amateur Internet film deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammed.

Suspected Islamic militants fired on the consulate with rocket-propelled grenades and set it ablaze on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks on the United States claimed by al-Qaeda.

Meanwhile, Libyan authorities have identified 50 people who were involved in the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, a security official said on Saturday, Reuters reported.

So far four people have been arrested and are being questioned, Libyan officials have said.


Source: Al Arabiya

The media’s admission that the attack on the Libya embassy is significant because it shows news organizations are starting to step away from the government talking points that have dominated the TV news headlines over the last 4 days.

Instead the new reports coming out finally starting to focus the factual circumstances surrounding both the Ambassador’s assassination and the fuel firing the anger being exhibited in protests that are now taking placing in over 30 nations on 4 separate continents.

Here’s the context leading up to the lynching and possible rape of the U.S. Ambassador that the media still has not revealed.

1.First is important to understand the Salafi ideology of the actors involved. For those unaware Al Qaeda and numerous Islamic Jihad organizations are all Salafi Jihad organizations working to spread what can simplistically be described as an Islamic Klu Klux Klan ideology . Saudi Arabia is a the core of this poisonous version of Islam and they have been spending billions of dollars a year to export Salafism into other Muslim states through both official political channels and through organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood. More important is Saudi Arabia’s role in indoctrinating people who attend schools location in their country and in Saudi Arabia’s satellite sates such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Those indoctrinated under this ideology are eventually recruited to join the Jihad in other nations by Saudi Arabia’s officially appointed religious figures.
2.In the run up to the overthrow of Gaddafi Saudi Arabia’s Salafi Jihadist organizations were used as NATO’s foot soldiers on the ground. During the process the west backed these organizations with funds and weapons. After Libya fell many of these factions became official parts of the Libya government while others continued to operate independently.As Omar Ashour, Director of Middle East Graduate Studies, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, and Visiting Fellow at the Brookings Doha Center explains in his article Libya’s Jihadist Minority:

Salafi jihadism is not an organization, but an ideological trend based on the core belief that armed tactics of all kinds are the most effective – and, in some versions, the most legitimate – method of bringing about social and political change.

Last year, its adherents did play an important role in the removal of Libya’s brutal dictator, Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi. Many subsequently matured politically, revised their worldview, and shifted from armed to unarmed activism, forming political parties and contesting elections.

The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, for example, has produced two main political parties. Al Watan (The Homeland) is led by former LIFG and Tripoli Military Council commander Abd al-Hakim Belhaj. The other, Al Umma al-Wasat (The Central Nation), is led by Sami al-Saadi, the group’s former chief ideologist, and Abd al-Wahad Qaid, an LIFG military commander and the brother of the deceased Al Qaeda commander Hasan Qaid (Abu Yahya al-Libi). Both parties fared poorly in the election in July of a new General National Congress, with only Qaid winning a seat. Indeed, the GNC elections were in many ways a defeat for Libya’s non-violent Salafi parties(such as Al Asala), as well as for the post-jihadists.

Other armed Islamist formations, including Salafi groups, accepted integration into Libya’s new state institutions, such as the Supreme Security Committee (interior ministry) and the Libyan Shield Force (defense ministry). The National Guard, headed by the former LIFG deputy leader, Khaled al-Sharif, absorbed more than 30 brigades, mostly from the west and southwest.

But several armed formations, such as Ansar al-Shariah and the Imprisoned Sheikh Omar Abd al-Rahman Brigades, still reject the transition to party politics and integration into state institutions. These organizations are numerous, but small. Some were not invited – or given sufficient incentive – to join official bodies.

3.Prior to the Ambassador’s assassination the same Salafi Jihad group being blamed his assassination, Ansar al-Shariah Brigade, conducted numerous prior attacks all of which were done under the protection of Libya’s security forces. Several of the attacks were actually reported to have been carried out on the order of Libya security forces and given the integration of the Salafi Jihadist organizations as official branches of Libya’s security forces there is little reason to doubt those reports.While the group officially denies responsibility for the Ambassador’s attack they have similarly denied past attacks. However those denials have been repeatedly contradicted by numerous sources including western reporters at the scenes taking videos and photos and numerous. In fact, prior to the attack on the Embassy in a detailed profile of Saudi Arabia’s Salafi Jihadists I detailed a weekend long spree of attacks conducted by this exact group and posted a video showing them carrying an attack that was forwarded to me by a source in the Middle East who is familiar with the situation on the ground.

4.Immediately prior to the attack on the US embassy and the assassination of the US ambassador a highly respected religious leader of Salafi Jihad movement issued a eulogy honoring a another Salafi Jihadist assassinated in by a drone strike which served as a rally cry and inspiration for other Salafi Jihadists to attack western targets.
5.The Salafi Jihad organization known as the Ansar al-Shariah Brigade attacks the US Embassy in Benghazi firing Rocket Propelled Grenades and setting the consulate on fire.
6.Numerous embassy staff successfully evacuate on what was supposed a secret route. However, heavy artillery follows them with astounding precision as they travel the secret route indicating the Salafi Jihadists firing the mortars knew their secret route before hand and pre-calculated the precise locations and distances they needed to fire their mortar attacks.
7.Once the embassy staff reached what was supposed to be a secret safe house it to came under heavy mortar fire from afar.
8.Back at the Embassy the US Ambassador and three other Americans identified as two former Navy Seals and an “information specialist” are killed by the Salafi Jihadists.
9.While the media reported the Ambassador was killed in an RPG attack this story was later changed to say he died of suffocation from smoke inhalation inside the burning embassy. The new narrative was contradicted by photos posted by the Jihadists online which appeared to show the Ambassador was tortured and lynched. Later several news sources reported the Salafi Jihadists had sexually assaulted and sodomized the Ambassador prior to his murder.

As time passes more details on surrounding the Ambassador’s assassination will be revealed. But from what we already know inconvenient details contradict the official government narrative being told by the mass media on TV.

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