Al Jazeera Faked Syria, Libya News Reports Says Producer


A producer from the Arab satellite network Al Jazeera reveals the news channel fabricated stories on the unrest in Syria as he resigns in protest.

Alexander Higgins
April 4th, 2012

Moussa Ahmed, a producer for Al Jazeera’s Beirut Bureau, is just one of the five Al-Jazeera employees that have resigned in the last couple of weeks over the news outlets biased coverage of the unrest in Syria.

In resigning he has came forward and said he decided to leave Al Jazeera as the TV channel concealed facts and fabricated news stories entirely.

In an Arabic news broadcast I obtained from China Central TV, he says the station has been reporting false news reports since the Libya revolution.

In the video, he refers to a video of child pretending injured that Al Jazeera reported on air even though they knew the child was faking his injury.

Coincidentally the video report was provided to the station by the activist Danny who has been exposed for fabricating an entirely different news report for CNN.

CNN has also aired the story the producer points out to be a known fake.

He apologizes that it has taken this long to come forward explaining working for Al Jazeera is the dream of many reporters from which one can infer that by blowing the whistle he is giving up on that dream and moreover his career as a reporter.

Here is the video from the Chinese News Service, in Arabic, to which I have added the station’s shot list and quotes in English to explain the video.

Of course, the media will continue to run damage control for each other to cover this up as well.

Via China Central TV:

Quitting Al-Jazeera producer details alleged bias reporting in interview

Al-Jazeera has concealed many facts, and editors’ opinions have become the so-called facts, said a former producer for Al-Jazeera’s Beirut Bureau Wednesday in Beirut, Lebanon.

Five Al-Jazeera employees in Lebanon quit their jobs over the TV channel’s biased stand on Syria in the middle of March.

Moussa Ahmed, one of the five resigned, was a producer for Al-Jazeera’s Beirut Bureau. He said he decided to leave Al Jazeera as the TV channel concealed facts.

“The facts are totally different with the reports in the media (Al Jazeera), extremely different,” said Ahmed.

Some footage of Al Jazeera was accused of being biased towards the opposition, including one report on a severely injured child in Homs conflicts. The TV channel’s reporter Abu Salah let the child to pretend to be seriously injured and forged the fighting footage.

In another example, Syria’s SANA news agency reported on March 15 that groups of terrorists deliberately seized and killed civilians who were later said to have been killed by the Syrian Army.

Ahmed said he was sorry for the biased reporting which started from the Libyan revolution coverage.

He added that he decided to quit despite pressure from Al Jazzera persuading him to stay.

“Al Jazeera is the dream of every reporter, because it’s a big TV station. But, when the dream turned to be depression, then you should leave,” said Ahmed.

Al Jazeera’s biased reporting also provoked criticism from the local people.

“The reports are unreal. All are lying,” said Hamdan, a resident in Beirut.

Source: CCTV

Press TV reports:

Al-Jazeera fabricates stories on Syria: Former Producer

Press TV – “The facts are totally different with the reports in the media (Al Jazeera), extremely different,” Reuters quoted Moussa Ahmed, a former producer for Al-Jazeera’s Beirut Bureau, as saying on Wednesday.

Ahmed said the channel concealed many facts, with editors’ opinions becoming the so-called facts, adding, “I’m so sorry that we concealed facts for so long a time.”

Ahmed is one of the five Al-Jazeera employees in Lebanon who resigned from the TV station over the channel’s biased stand on Syria in the middle of March.

Al-Jazeera is also accused of blowing the opposition movement in Syria out of proportion and covering up the truth in the country.

It is widely believed that the Emir of Qatar has a direct influence on the nature of programs broadcast in Al-Jazeera.

In addition, the Qatari-based network’s biased policy towards Bahrain and Libya has caused dispute among the news network staff.


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