After Almost Two Weeks Media Reveals Nuclear Radiation Detected In College Campus Ventilation System

The general public must currently feel like they are living in the days of the pony express. One story after the next reveals that Japan nuclear radiation hit over a week ago. Now the Seattle weekly revels University of Washington Scientists have been detecting radiation from Japan since Match 18th in the campus air filtration system. There seems to be no concern for the public to make their own decisions about the whether or not they CHOOSE to be exposed, just the people behind the scenes saying we’ll let them know when we feel fit.

A team of researchers from the University of Washington’s Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics didn’t have to go very far afield to test for airborne radiation from Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant–they just examined air filters from the ventilation system in their own building on the school’s Seattle campus.

The scientists, led by Jonathan Diaz Leon, began monitoring the air-intake filters in UW’s Physics and Astronomy building on March 16, five days after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Japan. In the subsequent days, they were able to pinpoint the arrival of “trace amounts of radioactive isotopes” from the damaged power plant. According to their findings, “multiple radioactive fission products” were first detected in the air filters between noon on March 17 and 2 p.m. on March 18.

Asked why they decided to test the air filters in their own building, Andreas Knecht, a co-author of the study, replies, “The biggest incentive was the curiosity whether we would be able to detect the radiation at all. In addition, we wanted to determine the impact of the additional radioactivity on our fundamental physics program, and, last but not least, confirm that the levels would be far below any health concern.”

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You view the original study here.

So why did it take almost 2 weeks to get reported by the media?

You should really read this for my thoughts on that.

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