Activists Use Missiles Supplied By Russia And China To Shoot Down 3 US Planes

Activists Use Missiles Supplied By Russia And China To Shoot Down 3 US Planes

The Telegraph has received confirmation from activists the surface-to-air missiles they used to shoot down 3 US military planes were supplied by Russia And China.

Activists Shoot Down 3 US Planes With Missiles Supplied By Russia
The video below shows the London Telegraph interviewing activists who say they used surface-to-air missiles given to them by Russia and China to shoot down 3 US military planes.

Is it fair to call them activists or should they be called terrorists?

And why isn’t the media reporting on it?

After watching the video do you view the ‘activists’ any differently?

Is shooting down government airplanes with surface-to-air missiles what activists and protestors do?

For those who didn’t watch the video really shows the Telegraph interviewing ‘activists’ in Syria, as they are referred to by the corporate media, who confirmed they used missiles supplied by the U.S. and France to shoot down Syrian government planes.

Transcripts from the video:

Mercenary: French and American Assistance has reached and is with us and God willing we will be able to do this [defeat Assad]

Telegraph Reporter: Just to be clear, weapons or something else?

Mercenary: We now have weapons and anti-aircraft missles and God willing with all of that, we will defeat Bashar.

Mercenary: Three quarters of Bashar’s weapons don’t work, and God willing within ten days you will hear good news…

Mercenary: … regarding the Free Army. And as of yesterday, airplanes started coming down, the Free [Syria] Army has started downing planes, yesterday three were downed. You will hear good news very


But who cares if they shoot down Syria’s planes? Assad is killing woman and children, you say.

So is the United States, in Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and who knows where else and more innocent civilians have been killed by US bombings in the war on terror than by Syria (That’s if you can even believe the reports the civilians are being killed by the Syria government to begin with).

Yes, but the US is killing civilians because they are try to defeat the terrorists, you say.

Syria says they are fighting terrorists as well.

The media of course labels them as ‘protestors’ and ‘activists.

But the media also reports that these ‘activists’ are shooting down planes, being supplied weapons and ammunition by US allies, blowing up oil pipelines, killing soldiers, attacking UN peacekeepers, assassinating Generals, setting up journalists to be murdered, massacring innocent civilians, ambushing government tanks, and so on and so forth.

So are these activists or terrorists? Can you see how the media is reporting government propaganda to deceive us? How is it just for the United States to kill civilians to fight terrorists but not for Syria to do it? How can the media report with a straight face that these are ‘activists’ in Syria but they are terrorists in Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq?

Note: This article’s title and the intro are satire used to present the reality of what is really happening in Syria in terms that people can understand. Simply saying Syrian activists shoot down 3 planes with missiles supplied by the US and France invokes nothing more than apathy because the psyche of the masses had been filled with government propaganda to program prejudices.

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