ACLU Debunked On Trapwire: Inside Big Brother’s Pre-Crime Surveillance Software

ACLU Debunked On Trapwire: Inside Big Brother’s Pre-Crime Surveillance Software

Debunking the ACLU’s attempt to whitewash the capabilities of big brother’s nationwide pre-crime software surveillance grid.

Note from Alexander:

As you have noticed I have posted several articles recently about TrapWire to both inform people and to build up an article to debunk the ACLU debunking about what TrapWire is and isn’t. (see this [and the accompanying links] , this, andthis [and the accompanying links])

For example, many alternative news sites have posted and or sourced this ACLU article: Trapwire and data mining: What we know which purports to debunk information in this article.

Sadly it was the ACLU who is supposedly protecting us from such systems that is claiming the ability of the system is being over hyped who is doing damage control for the big brother’s spy grid.

The ACLU article makes many claims about ‘unsupported exaggerations ‘being made about Trap Wire many of which are debunked directly in the article below.

For example the ACLU claims there is no evidence to support the ‘exaggeration’ that the system is more advanced than Facial recognition technology, but as you’ll read below the ACLU just didn’t doe their homework and that in fact is a claim being made by the company.

However, many of the article’s I posted on Trap Wire – sourcing the government’s own document prove the claims made in the ‘exaggerated’ alternative media article.

I fully intend to go line by line and tear debunk that ACLU article when I have time, but for now the following article from Occupy Corporatism does a great job at providing sources from the Trapwire and government agencies that substantiate the many claims that ACLU declared as unsubstantiated or exaggerated.

Further, let me say the only thing in that article that I have so far have not found evidence of is trap-wire is being fed cell phone SMS messages and credit card data – although it clear that big brother is monitoring cell phone data through other means without a warrants as well as tracking credit card purchases both of which are feed through other system’s in big brother’s spy grid and aggregated for AI data mining and anti-terrorism pre-crime rules monitoring.

Finally, while some of the cities the ACLU said they couldn’t find evidence of the system of have been since proven to in fact have the system.

Bottom line – The ACLU didn’t do their research before claiming certain things were unsubstantiated.

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
August 15, 2012


The CIA-sponsored psy-op Wikileaks have releasedemails regarding Stratfor, the private intelligence firm that brought attention to Trapwire . With information provided by Anonymous, a CIA funded hacker group, this surveillance system has been installed across America.

Having been created by a group of American business men, in conjunction with the CIA, use of Trapwire has been justified because of 9/11 attacks, threats from al-Qaeda and further efforts in the war on terrorism. By sacrificing “sensitive or personally identifiable information” the US government has given itself permission to implement a super-spying control grid that encompasses all modes of surveillance in one centralized operational software technology.

We see the surveillance cameras in retail stores across the nation, never suspecting that those devices are being used to track our movements and records or behavior for the benefit of the burgeoning Big Brother control grid.

That being said, it is undeniable that there needs to be an element of surveillance within society if we want people to feel safe and protected. Without CCTV and other forms of technology, private investigations would be unable to take place. Private detectives specialize in many areas of investigation, including tracing missing people, incidences of infidelity, and fraud, through to surveillance and criminal investigations and therefore there certainly needs to be surveillance solutions in place.

If you would like to learn more about the responsibilities of a Private Investigator Vancouver and other major cities are home to some fantastic private detectives that can tell you more about the importance of surveillance technology.

That being said, surveillance culture is not without its critics. In the name of potential terrorist attack prevention, Trapwire combines state-defined suspicious activity reports and other “evidence” that justify all-encompassing surveillance of the general public. The beauty of Trapwire as a Big Brother control software de jour, is that it is “a unique, predictive software system designed to detect patterns of pre-attack surveillance.”

security_camera_street_view-300x225A press release from June, states that Trapwire is “designed to provide a simple yet powerful means of collecting and recording suspicious activity reports.” A system of interconnected nodes spot information considered to be suspect and then inputs it into the system to be “analyzed and compared with data entered from other areas within a network for the purpose of identifying patterns of behavior that are indicative of pre-attack planning.”

Trapwire looks for “any patterns detected – links among individuals, vehicles or activities – will be reported back to each affected facility. This information can also be shared with law enforcement organizations, enabling them to begin investigations into the suspected surveillance cell.”

The proclaimed goal of Trapwire, as explained by Richard Helms, CEO of Trapwire is to “collect information about people and vehicles that is more accurate than facial recognition, draw patterns, and do threat assessments of areas that may be under observation from terrorists.” By identifying “behavior patterns” Trapwire is the ultimate in identity surveillance because it can create a timeline of past, present and predict the future on any individual it is analyzing.

The system can collaborate with existing camera technologies, combined with intelligence communities to data mine through all digital sources for informational comparison across all internet networks – such as information provided readily on social networking sites.

Every few seconds, data from remote cameras in all major cities is encrypted, and then sent digitally to an undisclosed central database center to be aggregated with other intelligence.

In Los Angeles, the police department has unveiled iWatch which is a Trapwire surveillance system. Other cities such as the District of Columbia, New York City’s See Something, Say Something program; as well as private casino corporations in Las Vegas, Nevada have employed Trapwire along with the Pentagon, CIA and many military facilities .

Trapwire has been employed worldwide by private sector multi-national corporations and foreign and domestic governments. The White House is surveilled by the same company as Wal-mart with all data going to fusion centers .

In Australia, the governmental transportation and defense contractors have implemented Trapwire under a $370 million deal to spy on Sydney’s public transportation ticketing system based on London’s Oster card.

Trapwire has also been granted $32 million in defense contracts with the Australian Defense Force (ADF) to provide simulation training systems.

According to a spokesperson for the ADF, “The Department of Defense is aware of the Trapwire System. However, it would be inappropriate to provide further comment on this system or its capabilities” with regard to “intelligence or operational capabilities.”

This Big Brother surveillance system which has been justified since the state-sponsored attacks on 9/11 because of the necessity of the global war on terror, has made America a lucrative customer and “high-value target”.


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