Media Scrubs 2012 Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident From Internet In 2015

Media Scrubs 2012 Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident From Internet In 2015

Following the scrubbing of reports on Fort Calhoun nuclear reactor ABC and other mainstream media outlets apparently scrubbed a story about the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident in 2012.

Another scrubbed nuclear disaster story: Anyone remember the Fort Calhoun disaster story being scrubbed from the net?

If not look up: “Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Underwater” or “Fort Calhoun 10 Mile Mandatory Evacuation Area.” They had live helicopter coverage the first day with tons of reporting. Within 24 hours the 10 Mile Mandatory Evacuation was barely ever mentioned again.

Update: July, 5 2015. I just remembered the government also declared a no-fly zone by day 3 roughly. Remember that? I wonder why? No release was reported “officially.” Makes you wonder how many releases go unreported.

After that story Alexander Higgins received a call from ABC confirming the media was scrubbing the story.

If you try and look up Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident 2012 you will find just a handful of articles, everything else, gone……….

ABC News reported in September 12, 2012 that the infamous Three Miles Island nuclear power plant was shut down and forced to vent steam after residents heard a loud noise.

Additional Reports:

NBC: Three Mile Island Nuclear Reactor Shuts Down Unexpectedly

A reactor at Three Mile Island, the site of the nation’s worst nuclear accident, shut down unexpectedly on Thursday afternoon when a coolant pump tripped and steam was released, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission told NBC News.

Reuters: Exelon PA Three Mile Island Reactor Shut Down Automatically . This is the only information reported in this article so I’m reprinting it here in case they decide to delete it all together.

Sept 20 Exelon Corp said its Three Mile
Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania shut automatically on
Thursday afternoon, according to a company statement.
    The plant responded as designed and remained in normal
shutdown condition while operators investigated the cause of the
shutdown, Exelon said in the statement.
    Steam was released, causing a loud noise during the
shutdown, it added.
    The plant can generate 852 megawatts of carbon free power -
enough electricity for about 800,000 homes, Exelon said.

STATE:      Pennsylvania  
COUNTY:     Dauphin  
TOWN:       Middletown about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of  
            Harrisburg, the state capital, on the Susquehanna  
OPERATOR:   Exelon Nuclear  
OWNER(S):   Exelon  
CAPACITY:   805 MW  
UNIT(S):    Unit 1 - 786-MW Babcock and Wilcox pressurized
                     water reactor  
            Unit 2 - 802-MW Babcock and Wilcox pressurized
                     water reactor - owned by FirstEnergy - out
                     of service since the 1979 accident
FUEL:       Nuclear  
Dispatch:   Baseload  
COST:       $400 million for Unit 1  
1968-70 -   General Public Utilities Corp, later named GPU  
            Inc, built the reactors. It was operated by GPU  
            subsidiary Metropolitan Edison Co (Met-Ed)  
1974 -      Unit 1 enters service  
1978 -      Unit 2 enters service  
1979 -      Partial meltdown of Unit 2 - the NRC said the  
            accident did not result in any deaths or injuries  
            to plant workers or the nearby communities. Unit 1  
            was shut for refueling during the accident and was  
            kept shut until 1985  
1985 -      Unit 1 returns to service  
1999 -      GPU sells Unit 1 to AmerGen Energy Corp, a joint  
            venture of Philadelphia Electric Co (PECO Energy)  
            and British Energy Group Plc  
2000 -      PECO Energy and Unicom merged to form Exelon Corp  
2001 -      GPU merged with FirstEnergy  
2003 -      Exelon buys British Energy's stake in AmerGen and  
            transferred it to Exelon Nuclear  
2009 -      NRC extends original 40 year operating license for  
            Unit 1 for another 20 years  
2010 -      NRC said the generator from Unit 2 will be used at  
            Duke Energy's Harris nuclear power plant in  
            North Carolina. The generator weighs 670 tons  
2034 -      Unit 1 license expires

You’ll notice the next article by ABC News barely has any information and if you look up “three mile island accident 2012 on Google you barely get any search results at all on this story. Can you say “Cover-Up?” When you look for information online it’s almost like it never happened…..mmmmm.

Here is the original article 

This could all just be coincidence but I doubt it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that this is probably deliberate. The deliberate scrubbing of bad publicity on the internet by the nuclear industry and mainstream media.

Connecting The Dots 2015

Check out this article from Enenews

“Mutant” fish found near Three Mile Island nuclear plant — “Grotesque tumor bubbling out of its face” — Officials: “Unrecognizable pathogen” affecting population — Alarming rates of sores and lesions, comparable to epidemic — “We’re just waiting to catch one with 3 eyes” (VIDEO)

So what do you think?

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  1. a female faust
    a female faust 10 July, 2015, 09:14

    indeed. consider this:

    • nuclear accidents are noteworthy
    – the public knows enough to distrust the ‘six o’clock news’
    – at least someone will look up details on the web
    • TMI is a ‘household name’
    • almost three years have passed
    • the Internet Archive crawls websites automatically based on amount of visitors
    • abc is main stream media

    ….and yet my save request was the first time the page was saved into the Internet Archive.


    still not conclusive:

    i looked for a bit, for evidence of a now-deleted page. i am not saying they are not guilty — its like, we all knew that surveillance shenanigans were afoot *since the nineties,* YOU figured out that the NSA had found a way around crypto, yet no one believes it til the Snowden dox (and then of course they simultaneously still don’t know enough, and have the nerve not to credit those who have been saying this for years, claiming ‘everyone knows that’)

    what we need is evidence of a page that used to be there and is not…..

    just sayin.’

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