ABC News Says They Made An Error In Reporting Fort Calhoun Evacuation, Demands Story Be Scrubbed From Internet


ABC says they made an error in reporting that an evacuation zone was issued around the Fort Calhoun Nuclear power plant and have since redacted the story and they have now issued a take-down order demanding that all references to the story be removed from the internet.

Author: Alexander Higgins

After ABC news initially reported that a 10 mile mandatory evacuation zone was issued at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear plant the story was scrubbed from all online news sites.

Original Story Here:…

ABC news has since contacted me telling me they made an error in reporting the story and they redacted the story.

They have ordered that story be taken down from YouTube apparently under the impression that I posted the copyrighted video on my YouTube account which I did not.

They have also ordered that I remove the story and any references to it from Twitter and anywhere else that the story was online.

Unfortunately, I can not help them in removing the video from YouTube but will do my best to get the word out that they made an error in reporting the story and are ordering that it be scrubbed from the Internet.

Here is the message that was left on my answering machine.




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