A Truth-Telling Financial TV Talk Show?

A Truth-Telling Financial TV Talk Show?

Capital Account’s host, Lauren Lyster, discussed the ‘success of a truth-telling TV show’ with Lewis Rockwell.

We’ve recently had the good fortune to interact with the producer and host of RT’s Capital Account, a weekday financial show broadcast on cable in a few select markets and on YouTube for the rest of us. Lew Rockwell (hopefully, no stranger to the readers of these pages) recently interviewed them individually for his twice-weekly podcast.

Tuesday, Lew featured Capital Account’s host, Lauren Lyster, wherein they discussed the “success of a truth-telling TV show.” The interview offers a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the makings of one of the few TV shows available to non-main stream media darlings (many of whom, according to Ms. Lyster tend to “get it right”) and, of course, their faithful followers.

They covered such topics as, “Does watching TV news make you stupid?”, why not talking down to viewers does not have to hurt ratings, Hillary Clinton’s lunch-content tweets, Jon Corzine’s latte preferences, and (more seriously) the production of a show that caters to entrepreneurs and the challenges facing individuals. As Lauren concedes, “You can’t do actual good work that questions the establishment and still be accepted by them.” (Sorry, Summers.)

Lew also gets into Lauren’s working relationship with Capital Account producer, Demetri Kofinas, including how they began collaborating. On that note, Lew separately interviewed Demetri several months ago in a segment titled, Finally Honest TV. Particularly interesting is the exploration of his insights into the problems facing his homeland, Greece, and his background in radio.

A student of Austrian economics (no thanks to the NYU economics department), Demetri also discusses how true capitalism empowers the individual through savings, and how we are in a bull market in alternative media (thanks to an historical corresponding vacuum of alternative information)

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