A Tale Of Two Wells – Is BP and the Government Showing Us The Wrong Well?


So here is the latest going around the internet.

I haven’t vetted it yet so watch and make your own judgment.

This post points out exactly what the discrepancy is with the change in coordinates and I will need to go back through my videos to figure out what is happening here.

dougr says:

On page 3 (of the above plan) BP gives the coordinates for both planned wells.
Well “a” is at 1202799 and 10431610
These are the coordinates of the location we are currently being shown.

Please note the coordinates on the following video clip from 06/07/2010:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brfBcehwnP8
1202476 and 10431302.

Here is another clip from that day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBAvH9T-QX4
Here, the ROV spends most of its time at 1202497 and 10431358. …

about 50 feet apart.

The problem is that those coordinates are 4 or 500 feet away from the coordinates of the capped structure we are currently being shown.

Now here is a clip from the location we are currently being shown. …

coordinates are 1202812 and 10431617. This clip…which doesn’t show oil spewing…is from 05/27/2010.

Putting the coordinates side by side:
1202476 1202812
10431302 10431617
These numbers are denominated in FEET.
You can see there are hundreds of feet separating the 2 locations. Approx 4 or 500 feet.

The coordinates we are currently being shown since the BOP was capped:
1202794 and 10431616
This is the same location as the 05/27 clip.


Me: But on the other hand, where is the oil that would still be leaking from well B? Are they vacuuming it into a tanker?  To a Shell oil pipeline that runs through the MC 252 block? Spraying corexit (in large quantities) at the sea-floor? All? Or is the oil really still there?


Feds Can’t Find Oil But Satellite Photos Show BP Gulf Oil Spill Covering 12,000 Square Miles

Alexander Higgins – July 31, 2010

The federal government and media is reporting that the BP gulf oil spill has disappeared but satellite photos show a slick covering over 12,000 square miles of the Gulf. …


[link to www.cstars.miami.edu]


anon: Project “Deep Spill”, in 2000, did an inquiry on behalf of the government and oil companies and found that only 2% of oil from deep water blowouts reaches the surface.


anon: If you live in the Gulf region PLEASE: “40% Of Residents Exposed To BP Gulf Oil Spill Suffer From Respitory Problems And Skin Lesions”

[link to blog.alexanderhiggins.com]


And don’t eat the crab. [link to www.fox8live.com] “Disturbing discovery of crabs filled with black substance”


And this post…

allow me to first point out a discrepancy in the permit doc. The PDF Map coords are the correct coords for both Wells. The coords given on the chart for Well B is wrong. The N coord on chart is 10434194.00 and on the map is 10431494.00.

That is obviously a mis-print. When I plug in the coords you give on the video beforeTS Bonnie, for Well B, against the map coords, there is a difference of 433ft (333S and 277E from map loc).

Plugging in the coords for Well A after TS Bonnie, there is a difference of 232ft (68N and 222W from map loc).

I used the ROV Coordinate Calculator at
[link to blog.alexanderhiggins.com]
to get these numbers. To me… this makes everything even more suspicious. Someone please check me on this.



I got to here.

For the record I do not have all of the facts but no one does and I am constantly researching to find out what they are.

That being said 60 minutes does report that BP abandoned Well A.

However, it was my understanding that BP was drilling Well A the entire time and and according to documents Well B was not planned to be started until April.

If the documents are accurate and BP did indeed follow the plans it submitted the drilling of Well B never happened because Well A blew up.


BP did mention killing Well A in emails sent to the MMS in March after Well A collapsed on the drill string and the drill string and other tools became stuck in the well.

After the well collapsed well activity reports submitted to the MMS show that Wellbore number changed from 00 to 01.

Does that indicate the BP changed wells?

I don’t think it does and from the emails I gather that BP killed the well by filling the bottom with cement (plug back ) and then drilled a new hole through the new cement plug on the bottom of the well (bypass)

I guess the question to be answered here is where did 60 minutes get the information that Well A was abandoned?

Update: August 10th, 2010 10:10 AM EST

Just to clarify the correct Y, the distance north from the equator in feet) coordinate, for well B is : 10431494

The proof is simple.

If the north coordinate was 10434194 then well B would be 2577 feet north of well A (10431617 – 10434194 = -2577) clearly the BP Gulf Oil Spill Well Plan shows well B is southwest of well A not northwest.


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