A $50 Fine For A $50,000 Bank Heist

A $50 Fine For A $50,000 Bank Heist

As Banks continually get fined far less than what they steal from us, what if the tables were turned and we only got fined $50 for stealing $50,000 from them?

Your top news headline this morning is Standard Chartered has been forced into a settlement of 1/10th of 1 Percent of the amount of money they laundered for Iran.

The forced settlement comes as the media signals the final preparations to attack Iran are in place this is nothing more than the US signalling the to banks to help weaken Iran to make them an easier target.

This is clear given that the US knew about the money laundering wasn’t a problem for nearly 4 years now as US agencies such as the DOJ and the SEC sat on their investigations knowing full well what was going on.

Now, I personally believe that the sanctions against Iran are bullshit to begin with. I mean we heard this same weapons of nuclear mass destruction bullshit before.

That turned out to be a lie and so did the promise that we where going to free the people of Iran and Libya – instead we see oppressive puppet minority regimes running Iraq and Libya.

Regardless of the morality of the sanctions the bottom line is was and still is illegal and its literally just fucking outrageous that after laundering $250 billion for Iran Standard Chartered gets off on a settlement in the neighborhood of 1/10th of 1 percent.

Of course these slap on the wrist penalties for the crooks on Wall Street criminal is nothing new.

To the contrary we live in a ‘Groundhog Day’ recurring nightmare where banksters (and other crooked criminal organizations) get fined far less than what they made off their crimes.

Just imagine if the tables were turned and the accepted lawlessness in our society was inverted to were instead of the banks robbing us and getting away with it we could rob the banks and get away with it.

Perhaps that is the solution to make our ‘Ground Hog Day’ nightmare disappear?

Imagine being able to walk into your bank and steal $50,000 from them and if (by some miracle of the lord the police actually came after you for the crime in the first place) you were caught you only were only forced to pay a $50 fine.

No hyperbole – that truly is the racket we dealing with these damn crooks.

Then every time they get caught the mass media steps in to do damage control and massage the psyche of the masses into somehow believing that the fucking banks are the ones getting screwed.

Take Standard Charted as our latest example with it being the top story on nearly even news outlet on TV this morning and each and every one them spewing enough vomit inducing propaganda to keep the entire country hurling for a year while the crooks laugh it up as their stock price goes soaring on the news of the bullshit settlement.
NY Times – Standard Chartered Shares Soar On Settlement

NY Times – Standard Chartered Shares Soar On Settlement

CNBC had some talking head spewing Wall Street shit out of my TV speakers this morning saying ‘It’s merely an unfortunate – but necessary – cost of doing a business – and highly profitable business that banks can’t afford to pass up.’

Then the shit bag host has the balls to say he put an end to rogue regulators like the one that went after Standard Chartered by making it so they can’t run for political office for 4 years after going after a bank. Then buzzing sound of even more shit starts coming out the speakers saying the only reason this regulator went rogue is to make a name for himself and launch a political career.

Unfucking believable, but it is okay for these regulators to take bribes to sit on their ass and NOT PROSECUTE the robber barons for the length of their career to end their term by stepping through the revolving door in which they take over the cushy 6 figure job of the lobbyist who bribed them in the first place and someone from the bribing corporation takes over the original job as the regulator.

I am not shitting you they had these fuckjobs on every station from Bloomberg to CNBC to CNN talking about how this regulator went ‘rogue’ and was shooting from the hip like some old-west sheriff trying to gain national fame by announcing there was a new sheriff in town.

They complained how the SEC and the DOJ and several other agencies all knew about the crimes and did nothing and this guy went rogue for not working with them on the case.

Even more irritating was the douchebag on Bloomberg whining about the regulator agencies had a letter of memorandum with the Bank of England according to which the regulator is supposed to inform the Bank of England of events like this and handle the situation more ‘sensitively’.

To even suggest that the SEC and the DOJ should have been given the lead is just more fucking bullshit! Why so they can pull another Goldman Sachs and donate $120,000 to the Obama victory campaign to avoid prosecution.

No Fucking Way! Just look at the extent of corruption in the Obama Administration when dealing with Wall Street Perps.

Financial Fraud Convictions: Bush 1300+, Clinton 1000+, Obama Big FAT ZERO

That’s right and Obama has been in power since the shit hit the fan in the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crash and has made a single one of those fuckers do the perp walk. Not one.

Instead, he we see repeated they come up with some trivial percentage of the profits the crooks made as a settlement amount and extort the crooks into handing over some campaign donations and paying the settlement.

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