94% Of Senate Bills Passed In Secret Without Being Read Or Debated

US Senator Jim DeMint exposes the systematically corrupt practice of an overwhelming majority of bills being passed in secret with no debate

US Senator Jim DeMint takes time on the floor to address out of control process of the US Senate passing a massive 94% of bills in secret without debate and no chance to make amendments.

He explains how bills are sent to the Senate in the dead of night that no one has ever seen or read, the price tag for the bills, or even who requested the bills to be passed.

Those in the Senate who do not agree to pass these bills in secrecy with no debate, chance to read them or chance to offer amendments are subject to political backlash from their political parties.

Perhaps even worse is that not only are these bills being passed without reading them, they are being passed without anyone voting on them.

Surprise bills are secretly be introduced for “unanimous consent” late at night and if no one objects to it by the morning it gets passed!

Clearly are political system has been completely hijacked and it is not hyperbole to say that the power of our government has been concentrated within the hands of very few decision makers who pull strings and call the shots from behind the scenes.

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