9/11 Compensation Fund Won’t Cover Cancer Costs After Feds Covered Up Carcinogens In Ground Zero Air

9/11 Compensation Fund Won’t Cover Cancer Costs After Feds Covered Up Carcinogens In Ground Zero Air

The feds are refusing to provide 9/11 first responders with cancer treatment after they covered up carcinogens in the air at Ground zero after the Twin Towers collapsed for “national security” reasons. Without support, national heroes could be killed years after they risked their lives to save others. One only hopes they were able to secure life insurance policies during healthier times and that their families will be looked after. They deserve the best medical treatment on the planet and yet the government spits in their faces.

As I have previously reported, it is has been widely reported in the media yet still widely unknown fact among the vast majority of the public that the federal government covered up the presence of toxic cancer causing chemicals in the air around ground zero after the 9/11 terror attacks. These chemicals are known as carcinogens and there have been a shocking number of cases where the general public have been exposed to them in some way or another. For example, there have been huge numbers of Valsartan Cancer Lawsuits after the medication was found to contain them, resulting in some of its users developing cancer. In this instance the products were recalled and the manufacturers were at least open with the public about the huge mistake they had made, but in the case of ground zero there was no such integrity.

Flashback: EPA Cover Up Of Toxic Air In New York After 9-11 And Parallels To BP Gulf Oil Spill

The cover up in the Gulf of Mexico of air, water and sea food data is reminiscent of so many past government coverups with perhaps the most shocking being the one that occurred after the Twin Towers were destroyed on 9/11.

Reviewing the EPA data summaries which painted a rosy picture and were used to assure the public with “an overriding message that there was no significant threat to human health” and make blanket statements “that the air was ‘safe’ to breathe,[when] it did not have sufficient data and analyses to make such a blanket statement” draws many parallels to government claims being made about the BP Gulf Oil Spill water samples and sea food tests.

In fact the government was missing data on many pollutants, such as particulates and chemicals like PCBs but thanks to the work of EPA whistleblower Hugh Kaufmann we now know that 25 percent of dust samples collected by the EPA contained asbestos a very potent carcinogen even though the official EPA results provided to the public reported no such contamination.

For many who believe that there are to many alarmists spreading unnecessary fear and panic I can only say look at the government track record on things like asbestos, DDT, cigarette smoke, agent orange, and 9/11.

Then take into account that the same top level EPA advisor who blew the whistle on the World Trade Center cover up that has left thousands sick and an untold tens of thousands to suffer long term chronic health conditions and die slow deaths from cancer is now warning that the government is covering up the effects of dispersant because the public can’t handle the truth.

During 9/11 the Government was more worried about reopening New York City and Wall Street and as such the financial interests of the government to be able to collect tax money was deemed more important than the lives of millions of people and the cover up was justified by the Bush Administration in the name of National Security.

Surely the economies of the Gulf, including the oil, fishing and tourism industries, along with property values and other revenue generators for the government are of much more value to “National Security” than what was at risk after 9/11 so all of the sudden the idea of a government cover up doesn’t seem so far fetched.

Just like during 9/11 there is now an epic failure by the media to cover the crisis and fact check the government.

Instead the media will be happy to collect it sales revenue and advertising dollars and continue to focus on non-issue stories such as CNN’s segment today on who has the best burgers in America.

Here is a flash back to 2003 when the EPA cover up was revealed, as reported by MSNBC.

Anger builds over EPA’s 9/11 report
Charges of a cover-up hit nerve with New Yorkers

Sept. 11, 2003 – Two years after the World Trade Center attacks, New Yorkers say they’re outraged by reports that the White House influenced the Environmental Protection Agency to downplay hazards posed by the toxic dust that fell in an avalanche over the city. The EPA’s acting chief defends the agency’s actions after the attacks, saying it hopes to be better prepared for “the next time.”

“I pray to God that, as a country, in the event of another terrorist attack, God forbid, we as an agency would be equipped to get the data analyzed and posted to the public,” EPA Acting Administrator Marianne Horinko told MSNBC in an exclusive interview. “All that was a huge challenge to us on 9/11 – coordinating communication among agencies, following incident command. God forbid there is a dirty bomb. I hope everyone knows their battle stations.”

In the early days and weeks of the World Trade Center disaster, says Horinko, there was such chaos that mistakes were inevitably made.

“Did we rush out (too soon) with data? On balance, I think we used our best professional judgment in an atmosphere where people were clamoring for answers.” But the agency wasn’t trying to deceive the public, she claims.

However, a report by the EPA’s Office of the Inspector General released on Aug. 21 states, among other criticisms, that the White House reviewed and even changed EPA statements about public health risks to make them sound less alarming. The report charges that the White House Council on Environmental Quality influenced “the information EPA communicated to the public through its early press releases when it convinced EPA to add reassuring statements and delete cautionary ones.” The report cites “reopening Wall Street” and “national security” as reasons for the spin.

‘We were all lied to’
The EPA presented “an overriding message that there was no significant threat to human health” even though there was cause for caution, it concluded.

“When EPA made a September 18 announcement that the air was ‘safe’ to breathe, it did not have sufficient data and analyses to make such a blanket statement,” said the OIG, adding that the agency was missing data on other pollutants, such as particulates and chemicals like PCBs. In addition, 25 percent of dust samples contained asbestos, a potent carcinogen.


Source: MSNBC

As pointed out in the MSNBC article above reviewed and changed EPA information citing the “reopening of Wall Street” and “national security” as reasons for the cover up.

To add insult to injury, just a few days The New York Post reported that the government is now snatching the bodies 9/11 first responders to prevent families from linking their deaths to the 9/11 air cover up so they do not have to pay victim compensation claims to the families.

Government Now Stealing 9/11 Victims Bodies To Avoid Paying Compensation Ground Zero Air Cover Up

The N.Y Post reports the government is now stealing the bodies of 9/11 first responders to avoid having to pay their families compensation for the feds cover up of toxic cancer causing air at Ground Zero.


Even after the full extent of the government cover up of the cancer causing 9/11 air became fully known the heroes who bravely served their country on that day had to continue to fight crooked politicians to allocate them funds our corrupt government officials would rather give to their cronies.

In fact, congress continued to deny healthcare funds up until December of last year, until the Senate passed a 9/11 health care bill on December 22, 2010.

Now that the government has decided to give first responders and the families of the victims of the government’s cover up who died funds you would think all would be right with the world.

However, just as the government stole data from scientists to cover up the BP Gulf Oil Spill, the government is now stealing the bodies of dead 9/11 victims to deny their families compensation funds.

As the N.Y. Post video below shows, the City of New York has stole the body of a dead NYPD officer who died of cancer so the family cannot prove the death was related to the 9/11 cover up so they can deny the family of compensation funds.


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