6840 suggestions BP ignores while letting Gulf oil spill leak until August


Over 6480 Suggestions where submitted to BP from the Google, PBS and YouTube crowdsourcing effort.

Yet our good friends at BP chooses to let Gulf oil spill leak until August.

Tens of thousands of ideas have been submitted directly to BP.

And still our good friends at BP continues to ignore them and our Government lets them.

Even CNN has collected ideas to help cap or clean the Gulf oil spill but BP is just to smart to listen to anyone’s ideas.

Even bloggers have put up wikis to collect ideas to cap the Gulf oil spill and put them together in a single place for BP review.

Yet the BP ignores them all.

Instead the method it will try next is nothing more than a glorified siphon that will allow BP to collect oil and make a profit.

And that method wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t involve letting oil continue to leak into the Gulf of Mexico for another two months.

If the Gulf oil spill is leaking as little as BP and the Government claims then why don’t they just slip a firehouse over the riser pipe?

Obviously, BP is not making the right decisions here because there is a clear conflict of interest between BP’s bottom line and the best option to take for those who are being devastated by the worse oil spill in the history of the United states.

The government needs to step in and start calling the shots.

What ideas has BP ignored?

Here are just 6840 of the ideas submitted to the crowd-sourcing effort along.

There are plenty of valid ideas that are better than the BP plan to allow the gulf oil spill to continue leaking until August.

Read them your self.

Then call your congress person, local media, and everyone you know and call for an end to BP’s charade.



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