500 Cars Held In Nagoya Japan For Being Too Radioactive

500 Cars Held In Nagoya Japan For Being Too Radioactive

Nagoya Port records reveal 500 cars over the radiation limit of .3 uSv/h have been withheld from shipping while radioactive cars under this limit are still being shipped

The Fukushima Diary points us to nishinippon article revealing that 500 cars have been withheld in the Japanese port of Nagoya because they were to radioactive, specifically being above the .3 microsieverts per hour limit. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle that is not radioactive, whether it is from an auction, scouring second hand listings or stocking brand new cars to conduct business, you would need to look into something like car trading insurance. Regardless of the kind of trader you are, you still need car traders policy to conduct business in the UK legally.

A commenter on the article points out that the .3 microsievert per hour limit equates to two and a half times above international limit of 1 millisievert per year.

That means that cars above the international standard for radioactive contamination are in fact being shipped from Japan, even thought these 500 cars have been withheld for being too radioactive by Japan’s standards.

500 cars returned for being too radioactive

Nagoya port authority published they have returned over 500 cars from last August to January from being too radioactive. If you’re looking to get your vehicle shipped and you’re not wanting to run the risk of your vehicle becoming over-contaminated you’ll be wanting to look for different car shippers to relocate your car, as well as a place to store your car. Fortunately, there are many storage facilities that provide storage space for car owners. You can learn more about car storage in NYC or from a storage facility in your local area.

They are used cars. Used car retailers decided not to ship the car which they measure more than 0.3 microSv/h from but those 500 cars were more contaminated than that limit.


Source: The Fukushima Diary

Here is a translation of the original Japanese article referenced:

Port of Nagoya exceed radiation standards, used car before shipping is 500

Port of Nagoya Public Management Association on in the inspection of radioactive materials that target will be shipping from Douala Port, Used Cars, from car in January this year – more than in August last year, 500 units, 0.3 per hour for the industry standards set by the showed that the micro-sievert or more is detected and returned to the shipper.

Was scheduled to be transported home and abroad. The same union, you have not then check the status of a car distribution of returns to shippers.

According to the same union, received the first nuclear accident TEPCO Fukushima, such as the Federation of Trade Unions and the National Port Nihonkounkyokai is the purpose of ensuring the safety of workers, provided the criteria such as 0.3 micro sievert, around the dosimetry have been carried out from August last year in the harbor.

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