3rd Plant Species With Mutations Found In 3rd Michigan Location

It’s not just in dandelions, but in other flowers, fruits, vegetables, and vegetation – 3rd plant species found mutation in a 3rd separate location in Michigan.

I just finished reporting on the discovery of mutated strawberries in Michigan which are speculated to be a result of Fukushima nuclear fallout, which scientists would argue such mutations would not happen this soon after the disaster.

Michigan Plants Mutated Due to Radioactive Fukushima Nuclear Fallout?

A recent video report from Christina Consolo documents plant mutations allegedly caused by radioactive fallout from the multiple nuclear meltdowns in Japan.

A recent video report from Christina Consolo (Radchick) documents possible plant mutations caused by fallout from the multiple nuclear meltdowns in Japan.

Despite the fact that the US government claimed that there was no danger posed to the United States due to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, recent NRC documents prove that there was a large scale criminal conspiracy to cover up the dangers.

In the video Christina goes over numerous photos of dandelions that were found mutated in a Michigan parking lot.


Read The Rest And Watch The Video

Now Christina has just post a third video on my Facebook wall reporting this is the third time she has looked in 3 separate places across Michigan within a single week and has found plant mutations.

The Third time I’ve looked for mutations in a week, and found them. Since posting 1st vid I have had numerous comments, emails, and photos sent to me about mutations occurring in Canada, the US & Europe found in the past week, some from last summer. And not just in dandelions, but in other flowers, fruits, vegetables, and vegetation.

I used Roundup and other weed control measures for 17 years in my yard and never saw anything like this occurring. What is different now? FUKUSHIMA…

I would suggest fellow youtubers check the playgrounds and schooloyards near you, regardless of where this is coming from the source needs to be identified. This is the EPA’s job, not ours.

We talked about this on Nuked Radio last week, and will continue to do so…

In related news, the Michigan Senator from Oregon who is raising the alarm about the potential disaster with global consequences for all of humanity that is just waiting to happen at Fuksuhima nuclear reactor 4 says he is now worried about a lethal risk to Oregon residents if the building were to collapse.

This comes from an alarming report from Oregon’s largest newspaper.

Just In: Senator fears US West Coast at ‘lethal risk’ from Fukushima — Another bomb waiting to go off

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden’s recent daylong field trip from Tokyo to the zone of Japan’s nuclear devastation is worth at least a week in the telling. Bunny-suited with a breathing device for protection against radiation exposure, Wyden walked through the ruined Fukushima Dai-ichi complex and saw what few…

Senator Wyden of Oregon says Spent Fuel Pool 4 Could be LETHAL TO OREGON (and U.S. WEST COAST):

“The senator is not typically alarmist. But his field notes, followed by letters to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Energy Secretary Steven Chu, signal alarm. They paint a picture of extreme nuclear vulnerability, especially in Reactor No. 4 […] Wyden completed his tour by asking Japan, with written urgings for help from Clinton and Chu, to sharply speed up a cleanup expected to take 10 more years. His fear is that another big seismic event will trigger another disaster before the cleanup is completed — exposing Oregon and the West Coast to potentially lethal risk.”


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