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US Government Centralizing Data To Respond To Nuclear Radiation Emergency They Say Is Not Happening

The US Government has starting amassing and centralizing data and information to instruct the public and medical facilities on how to respond to a radioactive emergency that the Feds and


After Almost Two Weeks Media Reveals Nuclear Radiation Detected In College Campus Ventilation System

The general public must currently feel like they are living in the days of the pony express. One story after the next reveals that Japan nuclear radiation hit over a


CDC: “Superbug” Spreads To 35 States; Kills 40% Of The People Who Come In Contact

The CDC and LA Times reports a “Superbug” that kills 40% of the people it comes in contact with has hit 35 US States and is now being spread through


Social Networks Develop Deep Packet Inspection Backdoors For Govt Spying

Global cyber insecurity legislation being pushed worldwide is demanding everything from back doors and deep packet inspections on social networks. Public anger is searing over new draconian cyber insecurity internet


US Accused of Hiding Key Evidence Over Alleged Saudi Involvement in 9/11

Lawyers representing families of some 9/11 terror victims have accused the US government of withholding crucial information about the attacks, which they say hindered their attempts to sue the state