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Watch Live – 50,000 Gathered In NYC Poised To Clash With Police In the “Occupy Wall Street” Protests

Watch the live video stream – 50,000 protestors gathered in NYC are poised to clash with the police, ignoring orders to disperse, as the Occupy Wall Street Protests kick off


Tensions Escalate As Riot Police Surround Occupy Wall Street Protestors Refusing To Disperse

Updates from the reported crowd of over 50,000 “Occupy Wall Street Protestors” who continue to deny orders to disperse as riot police gather in mass around them. Watch Live –


Truth Music Artist Spotlight – Remo Conscious: “They Want War”

Tracks from Truth Music artist Remo Conscious, featured in “Loose Change”, who is spearheading a new genre of music emerging exposing America’s government corruption. Remo Conscious rose to widespread notoriety


Experts: Fukushima ‘Worse’ Than Chernobyl -Tokyo Evacuation Can No Longer Be Ingored

Experts warn the need to evacuate Tokyo can no longer be ignored after radioactive hotspots higher than Chernobyl evacuation limits have been discovered across the city. Many in the alternative


“Occupy Wall Street”: Thousands Continue To March, Camp Out On Day 3 in NYC Financial District

Democracy Now! reports from the 3rd of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests where thousands remain to protest and camp against the Wall Street Bankers. While the corporate media continues to


NYC Police Brutally Assault, Arrest Peaceful “Occupy Wall Street” Protestors

Brutal NYC police toss around peaceful non-violent protestors, throw them on the ground, handcuff them, and dragging them across the street while handcuffed. Following M$M / Corporate media news blackout,


Ordinance Making Meetings In Your Own Home Illegal Used To Shut Down Bible Study

The California city of San Juan is using a city ordinance which makes it illegal to hold regular meetings in your own home to shutdown a weekly bible study. Our


Occupy Wall Street Protests: Demostrators Demand Release Of 8 Unlawfully Arrested Tonight

The Occupy Wall Street Protests Continue On Day 5 –  Demonstrators Demand Release Of 8 Protestors, Including Media Member Filming Protests, Unlawfully Arrested By NYC Police. Watch Now: Occupy Wall


Scientists Read Brain Using MRI Machine And Recreate Movies Subjects Watched

Scientists demonstrate the ability to use an MRI machine to read brainwaves and brain activity and recreate movies watched by test subjects. I previously reported on scientists demonstrating the ability


Activist Post Website Completely Censored, Deleted By Google From Their Blogger Service

Activist Post has been permanently deleted from Google’s Blogger service without warning, which is refusing to allow them to restore their site. Note From Alexander: Brandon or Eric, you have