2016 Election Results Reportedly Posted To NBC FTP Server 1 Week Early

Reports surface the 2016 election results, including state by state results, have been posted on the FTP server used by NBC NBC affiliate WRCB TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee one week early

This news is still breaking and this certainly have a reasonable explanation such as their system is just being tested with dummy data.

Perhaps they are making pre-recorded news clips or are prepping for the “historic” coronation for Hillary.

However, after reading the story and verifying that the files  and results are indeed on the server thus we present them here.

(Links to original urls and archives of the original files provided below)


And here are the state by state results



Original story Via SHTF


Mac Slavo
November 2nd, 2016

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NBC affiliate WRCB TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee has inadvertently posted election night results. The results page appears to be similar to what mainstream news networks display on election night, including Presidential and Congressional results, the popular vote count, electoral votes, and percentage of precincts reporting.

The page, a screen shot of which has been sourced from internet archive site The Wayback Machine, is posted below and shows totals for the upcoming Presidential race. It announces Hillary Clinton as the winner.

As Jim Stone notes, the page was pulled directly from the WorldNow.com content management platform utilized by major networks like NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox and appears to be a non-public staging area for news and election results.

The original page has since been reset.

(Click here for full size image)


Though the results information appears on an FTP server at WorldNow.com, media companies like NBC’s WRCB TV utilize the platform, also know as “Frankly,” to power their news content. This can be verified directly a the WRCB web site by scrolling to the very bottom of the page footer which notes that it is, “Powered By Frankly.”

In addition to national results, Jim Stone has identified another page at the WorldNow.com FTP server that appears to show the State-By-State Presidential election results. This page is also accessible in archive format at WayBack Machine with a line by line breakdown available at Stone’s website.

Of interest is that the State-By-State results indicate a Hillary Clinton win in states like Texas (42% to 40%), Florida (44% to 40%) and Pennsylvania (44% to 40%) which have all been identified as states Clinton must steal to win the election.

Do these latest election “results” confirm that the fix is in and the vote is rigged?

If so, then we are no longer looking at an election where our votes will count, but rather, a selection where the winner is determined by those who count the votes.


  1. 4reWeReallyTHISnaive
    4reWeReallyTHISnaive 3 November, 2016, 04:52

    If people are going to be naive enough to see the mountains of evidence, and now the FBI and other government agents coming out in masses to display their frustrations with being blocked on critical investigations – then they are simply too ignorant to look at the writing on the wall. It is very clear, and even documented with demonstration be BlockBoxVoting.org in which the proposed election rigging system provides very similar results.

    With Obama turning on every promise made in the first month in office, or the unsatisfied public seeing the previous president being elected for 2 terms each time, we have to question the validity. A quick trip to youtube could provide enough evidence of fraud to convict in court – but some people still want to deny it. They want to create the separation from their fellow people – who have simply been trying to tell them to look at the facts… the candidates do not matter. We have seen movement by government and related entities, like never before in our lifetimes. There is a clear panic, and people who deny this obvious display simply dont want to recognize they are turning a blind eye, hurting their country, their fellow peers and citizens. along with themselves – all for generally petty issues. They might not like a candidate, or they want a women president and think Hillary is the only choice. That is selfish thinking – not considering the best think for the country. Not considering that we have a woman who had stolen charity money from Americans (and globally), after begging on TV for it – to destroy a nation (Haiti) and leave them in total ruin. Who is to say that she would not rob the American people again, after it has been proven that she has once already?

    What I see when riding around PA, is more Trump support than I could have imagined though – so if results like this are cited as real, I would definitely call BS on them b/c it is the narrative of Clinton, the DNC, and the Mainstream Media – not indicative of the reality which we see at rallies, in yards, and at businesses around the country (and for myself – in PA). It is laughable to a point, to think that Hillary would even have HALF the votes of Trump in PA quite honestly. The packed arenas – with people who had stayed outside just to see Trump – by the hundreds and sometimes thousands. There arent enough voters in the state to accurately display numbers like the fake/prepped polls show – and then to consider TEXAS for Clinton? LMAO. Wow. That is something I would never believe – ever.

    I guess I just prefer to not wear my gov and media forgiving, tinted glasses for this nonsense. Others seem to wear their own pair full time. Never wanting to face the bitter reality that our system has been infected, which explains why these people never get anything accomplished in offices of any type of power. With Clinton, we see three decades of sharpening her lying, usery and theft skills. Nothing else remarkable that had been accomplished though. And too many mystery deaths linked directly to her as well.

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  2. anonymous
    anonymous 3 November, 2016, 14:12

    You do realize this was test data, right?

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  3. TwA
    TwA 1 December, 2016, 22:44

    Sure, whatever you say! ROTFL! This is not the first time ‘test’ data ruled the s’Election process, but is the first time the FBI had the poop and the balls to stand down the pedophiles that run the world!
    “You do realize this was test data, right?”

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