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Tepco Says Fukushima Worker’s Radiation Nears Limit Allowed

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said at least one worker at its damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power has been exposed to radiation levels near the maximum level allowed by the government.


Help Occupy Trenton Survive The Winter # Occupy WallStreet

Occupy Trenton Needs Donations To Purchase A 5th Wheel Camper To Provide Shelter Through The Winter. Click Here To Donate Now When you donate, please leave a message indicating


Demand Japan End The Cover Up Of Extremely High Radiation In The Pacific Ocean

Q: If the levels of radiation in the fish and seawater are truly safe then why is Japan refusing to allow independent radiation tests and marine monitoring? A: Japan is


Cesium Radiation In San Francisco California Milk Spike To Highest Yet — 13.24 pCi/l

Posts In my last report on the levels of radiation in San Fransisco, California milk UCB detected iodine radiation in raw milk at levels 2600% above the EPA drinking water


Charlie Veitch Arrested In Pre Crime Minority Report To Silence Royal Wedding Opposition

The Intel Hub April 30th, 2011 Charlie Veitch, an outspoken activist and founder of The Love Police was arrested before the royal wedding in order to silence growing opposition to


Shepard Ambellas On Deadline LIVE – Chemtrails, Obama’s Birth Certificate & New Madrid

  NotForSale2NWO April 29, 2011 Shepard appeared on Deadline LIVE with Jack Blood on Friday talking about the new appointee to the USGCRP. This is exclusive new chemtrail information, detailed


Senior adviser who resigned says Japan gov’t set public’s safe radiation limit 20 times too high

A senior nuclear adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has resigned, criticizing the government for ignoring his advice on radiation limits and not doing enough to deal with the


Extremely High Levels Of Nuclear Cesium Radiation Found In Japan Sewer Systems

Extremely High Levels Of Nuclear Cesium Radiation Found In Japan Sewer Systems And Over 500 Tons Of The Radioactive Sludge Has Been Shipped Off To Be Use In Producing Cement.


Osama bin Laden, the face of terror

The most prominent face of terror in America and beyond, Osama Bin Laden, has been killed in Pakistan, U.S. officials said Sunday night. Bin Laden was the leader of al


Economists from the Left and the Right Agree: Neither the U.S. Nor Europe Is Dealing With the Real Problem

  Today, economists from both sides of the political spectrum said that no one in the U.S. or Europe are dealing with the real problems. Niall Ferguson told Bloomberg that