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Fukushima Daiichi Radioactive Seawater Model, Spent Fuel Rods DID Explode Into Atmosphere

  The Intel Hub April 6th, 2011 ASR Limited, a marine consulting and research firm has released a radioactive seawater model that seems to confirm that radiation will spread throughout


Gold Breaks $1,670 As Asia Markets Suffer Losses Across The Board Following The U.S Crash

Gold Soars To A New All Time High Trading over $1,672  per ounce as Asian markets follow the U.S. market crash with broad losses across the board. Gold has hit


U.S. Nuclear Plant Had Partial Meltdown Years Before Three Mile Island

The news media took  note of Monday’s anniversary of the nuclear accident at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island power plant, but a partial meltdown at another U.S. reactor seems to have


Radiation Study Estimates Over 220,000 Cases Of Cancer From Fukushima Nuclear Fallout

A disturbing study estimates over 220,000 cases of cancer will result from the Japan nuclear radiation fallout. Those numbers are based on officially released radiation data which we learn more


Radiation: Real Doctors Have Real Things to Say

  The Intel Hub By Dr. Mark Sircus – IMVA – Contributing Writer Fortunately we have a medical diagnosis of the situation from a doctor who knows something about iodine


ABCNNBBCBSFOX, The Public Message Is NOT Mixed!

The talking heads and the politicians are screaming that the public is sending “mixed messages” which means Congress and Obama “just have to” do what they think is best. Mike


Boston Economics Professor: US Has To Cut $20 Trillion Or Face Financial Collapse

Economics professor from Boston University says the U.S. will need to make $20 trillion in debt cuts to save America from a financial collapse. Lawmakers in Washington have finally come


Report: Water Shortages To Spark Global Unrest, US Privatizing Supplies

US will begin to privatize water supplies following a classified intelligence report that warns water shortages will spark global unrest within 10 years or so. An intelligence report based on