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EPA Only Monitoring For Iodine Not Cesium In Drinking Water And Refusing To Answer Why Monitors Are Offline

The EPA is monitoring drinking water only for iodine, but not for cesium or other radioactive isotopes and is refusing to answer questions from the press on why so many


Report Promotes Alternatives to Prison as National Recidivism Rate Holds Steady

A state-by-state study has found that four in 10 offenders return to prison within three years of their release, a figure that has held steady for the past 30 years


Pain Relief: A War on a Human Rights

The Intel Hub Jack Evans April 11, 2011 Shooting, stabbing, burning, throbbing, unbearable, lack of sleep, depression, alcohol, drug abuse and family violence are symptoms and hallmarks of an insidious


The United States is Moving Backwards…Fast

HNN – Memory Hole The Intel Hub: Dale May Originally Published on April 8, 2011 The United States is moving backwards… fast. State budget cuts are decimating essential health and social


Why Do Progressive Liberals Fall For ‘Humanitarian War’?

The concept of ‘Humanitarian’ War contradicts 200 years of liberal thought and the ideals of our founding fathers yet progressives still fall for it. Why Do Progressive Liberals Fall for


As More U.S. States Detect Radiation, Feds and Industry Downplay Dangers

As More U.S. States Detect Radiation, Feds and Industry Downplay Dangers You can add Massachusetts to the growing number of states detecting radiation “most likely” from the Fukushima nuclear disaster