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Obama “Will Not Take Yes For An Answer” On Debt Ceiling Debate

The powers that control President Obama are using debt ceiling debate to create a crisis to large enough to justify redistributing wealth upwards, again. Huffington Post notes: House Speaker John


There’s Only One Way To Avoid A Downgrade To U.S. Credit

The United States only has one course of action to take to avoid a U.S credit downgrade but only if we immediately take these steps, but there is a better


Japan Nuclear Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 20 US Cities

  The Intel Hub By Alexander Higgins – Contributing Writer April 21st, 2011 The U.S. Federal Government reports that Japan nuclear radiation has now been detected in the drinking water


Greece And ECB Blow Whistle On US Bank Fraud Scam That Caused 2008 Financial Crisis.

For those of you who have been reading my blog since 2008 Financial Crisis might remember this clip from my youtube channel What caused the Stock Market Crash? Details of


Internal Doc Reveals GMAC Filed False Document In Bid To Foreclose

An internal document obtained by ProPublica shows that when one of the nation’s largest mortgage servicers sought to foreclose on a homeowner last year and lacked a crucial document, they


Experts Warn ‘America Will Lose Its Sovereignty’ As The Financial Armageddon Clock Ticks Away

US Could Be Forced To Sell Sovereign Assets To China To Pay Off Over $100 Trillion In National Debt The US may soon be forced into a situation similar to


America Is a Failed State Because It Won’t Prosecute Financial Crime

It is now mainstream news that none of the big financial criminals have been prosecuted. The New York Times is running an article today entitled “In financial crisis, no prosecutions


Will Attempts By Politicians To Steal Police Pensions Be The Wake-Up Call Cops Need?

Police may soon understand what demonstrators are fighting for as politicians move to steal their pensions to fund banker bailouts, corruption and perpetual war. Activist Post The divide-and-conquer strategies of


America’s worst nuclear accident: 32nd anniversary of Three Mile Island

  As Japan struggles with a nuclear crisis at a power plant damaged during the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, America is marking the 32nd anniversary of its worst nuclear