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Large Crack In Japan Nuclear Reactor Found Leaking High Levels Of Radiation Directly Into Sea

  A large 20cm crack has been found in Fukushima nuclear reactor #2 which TEPCO says is leaking highly radioactive water directly into the ocean. The radiation in the water


Update on Japan’s Nuclear Crisis

The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex is getting worse in many ways, but better in some ways. Here’s a quick roundup. Reactor 1 Energy Secretary Steven Chu said


Guggenheim CIO: Europe Is A “Train Wreck” On The Brink Of A “Major Financial Collapse”

Scott Minerd, CIO of Guggenheim Partners, tells CNBC Tuesday Europe Is A “Train Wreck” And On The Brink Of A Major Financial Collapse In the midst of today’s major market


Video: Radiation in Pacific Seafood Prompts Restaurants To Remove from Menus

Video: Radiation in Pacific Seafood Prompts Restaurants To Remove from Menus In case you’ve been living in a cave it’s well documented that Pacific seafood is contaminated with radiation caused


Taxpayers To Fund System To Remove Radiation In Water After Feds Fracking Cover Up Exposed

The Feds will allow Natural Gas drillers to continue dumping radioactive water into water supplies as taxpayers fund a new system to remove radiation from the water. After a government


Gold Just Shot Past $1,680 Per Ounce

Gold just shot past $1,680 per ounce. And Wall Street has plunged over 2%. Stocks fell sharply Thursday as investors grew more concerned about economic weakness in the U.S. and


FRAUD: Has The Fed Become The Next AIG?

The Federal Reserve’s latest fraud scheme: betting against the U.S Treasury to drive yields down.   Via The Daily Bail: Video – Fed is selling put options on Treasuries to


Mainstream Economist: Stocks Could Crash Soon — Recession Almost A Certainty

Mainstream analysts are now warning a recession is almost a certainty and world stock markets could crash very soon. I reported a few hours ago that Wall Street was down


EU Begs For A Bailout As Stocks Crash And The Euro Tumbles

The Associated Press Reports that EU leaders are urging an immediate bailout to counter act the crashing stock market and the tumbling of the Euro.   The head of the