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Police Provocateurs At Spain Austerity Protests

Police provocateurs are questioned by protesters asking how they can screw over their own families by acting as an iron fist for the financial elite. This is a video of


UN Considering Global Carbon And Agenda 21 Taxes

The UN is set to hold debates to consider whether several global taxes including a carbon tax and financial transaction tax to fund Agenda 21 initiatives. The United Nations will


Facebook Group Led By UN Director Asks You Flood Congress With Phone Calls Today To Stop BP Slaughter Of Mustangs For Oil Leases

I recently wrote about an Above Top Secret special investigation about BP and corrupt government officials killing off mustangs on public lands to get oil leases. Above Top Secret is


Department Of Justice Guilty Of Supplying Drug Cartels With Guns

An internal US Justice Department probe finds at least 14 of their own officials guilty of supplying thousands of illegal firearms to Mexican drug cartels. RT – The US Justice


Rand Paul Stands Alone Against Senate Preemptive War Resolution For Iran

The US Senate passed a resolution 90-1 to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons with Rand Paul arguing it was a de-facto declaration of war. RT – The US Senate


Outrage: No Charges For UC Davis Pepper Spray Cop

A police officer from the University of California at Davis will not face charges for dousing students and alumni with pepper spay during a campus protest last November. Stay up


FBI Agents Craft Their Own Terror Plots

Turns out the foiled Chicago terror plot involving a 17-year-old would be terrorist was another FBI concocted entrapment case. A week and a half ago, two young men plotted a


Confirming US Dumbification, Verbal SAT Scores Just Hit Record Low

Confirming what was long feared, Americans are becoming evermore stupefied in the midst of the most advanced technological era in history. All we can say is that the need for


Guess Where These Beautiful Pictures Were Taken

Must-See Pictures: Can guess in which European country all of these beautiful pictures were taken? See if you can guess in which European country all of these beautiful pictures were


Spain Protesters Fired Upon As Thousands Surround Madrid Congress

Thousands of protestors gathering outside the Spanish parliament to protest austerity measures met with cops firing rubber bullets and tear gas. Police Viciously Beating Peaceful Protestors: Spain is currently on