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Fiat Money Explained In 4 Minutes

How exponential growth of money created out of nothing forces people into larger amounts of debt to simply able to afford to live.


‘Alice in Wonderland’ Used To Convince Japan Children Nuclear Power Is Safe

‘Alice in Wonderland’ was used to convince children in Japan that nuclear power is safe (PHOTO & VIDEO) Near a nuclear power plant facing the Sea of Japan, a series


Geithner Admits He Hid LIBOR Fraud From The DOJ

Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner is forced to admit under oath that he did NOT inform the DOJ even though he was aware of specific cases of fraud. Decent clip.


GOP Pushing Bernanke’s Nightmare Audit On Romney

The republican party is pushing Romney to take up the issue of forcing a full audit of the Federal Reserve – and why you should be to (even if your


Baltimore: Freddie Gray’s Neck Snapped While in Back of Police Van

Freddie Gray’s neck was snapped while he was riding in a Baltimore police van, a local TV station reported Thursday. Citing sources, WJLA-TV and said the Medical Examiner found that Gray’s