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Japan Witheld Nuclear Meltdown Simulation Showing 18,000 Deaths And 55 Mile Dead Zone

Japan Withheld A Nuclear Meltdown Simulation Showing 18,000 Deaths From Acute Radiation Poisoning And 55 Mile Uninhabitable Radius Do To Fears It Would Damage The Nuclear Industry A report from


FBI Asks Stores To Spy On Survival Gear Customers And Report Them As Potential Terrorists

The FBI is asking surplus stores to spy on identities of customers purchasing survival gear and report them as potential terrorists while the CDC scares the public into purchasing survival


From World War II To Chernobyl To Fukushima – The Long History Of Nuclear Industry Funded Cover Ups

Al-Jazeera blasts the nuclear industry’s use of power and money to exert their influence over corrupt politicians and academics to cover up the Fukushima nuclear disaster. A featured article now


New York, Connecticut join N.C., Va., Md. and N.J. In Declaring State Of Emergency, Irene Evacuations

State Of Emergencies Issued Across The 6 North East States As Strong Irene Cyclone Expected To Strengthen Over Next 24 Hours Heads Directly Toward The North Carolina Coastline Live Satellite


Japan Hides Radiation Tests Showing Numerous Children Will Develop Thyriod Cancer

Japan hides radiation tests that show a widespread number of Fukushima children will develop thyroid cancer they originally claimed were no cause for concern. Japan secretly performed radiation tests on


Tropical Storm Force Winds From Irene To Hit NC By 2 PM EST – Chesapeake Bay Area Flooding Expected

NOAA Irene advisory warns tropical storm force winds are 12 hours away from North Carolina and storm surge flooding is possible in the Chesapeake Bay Area. Live Satellite Images Of


London Riots – A Stiff Dose Of Truth You Won’t Hear From The Government Censored Corporate Media

A Stiff Dose Of Hard Truth And Startling Facts About The London Riots You Won’t Hear From The Government Censored Corporate Media Propaganda Sources This video is chock full of


Fukushima: Pacific Ocean Radiation Over 3,000 Times Normal — Doctors Refusing To Treat Radiation Poisoning

Fukushima nuclear radiation is being detected in the Pacific Ocean at levels 3,000 times normals as doctors refuse to treat people for radiation poisoning. The Canadian reports: Japan’s nuclear accident


Latest Hurricane Irene NASA Satellite Photo And 3 Day Time Lapse Video

Live Satellite Images Of Hurricane Irene – Live Forecast Map Of Path Of Hurricane Irene HurricaneIrene – Worst Case Scenario Is Playing Out Satellite Photo For 3:oo AM EST August


Criminalizing Poverty: During Economic Crisis, New Laws Crack Down On America’s Poor, Homeless

As the Economic elite continue to rob wealth from 99.99% of the population and the Great recession of 2007-2015 rages on the number of laws cracking down on America’s poor