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Israel Provides Intelligence That May Prompt US To Join Iranian Strike

The IAEA has been provided with new intelligence from Israel claiming Iran is years closer to developing nuclear weapons than previously thought. Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism September 15, 2012 Additional


Scientists Call For Global Ban On Bee-Killing Pesticides

As the world witnesses a massive declines of bee populations which are vital to support life on earth scientists are calling for a global ban on bee-killing pesticides. Natural News


US Assassination Drone Strike Kills Women And Girls Gathering Firewood

A US assassination drone strike has killed eight women and girls in eastern Afghanistan report local officials, contradicting Pentagon statements. RT – A NATO airstrike killed eight women and girls


Violent Anti-US Muslim Protests Spread As Film Trailer Banned In More Countries

As the story drops of the media’s radar the worldwide Muslim protests against the US continue to spread and become more violent Muslim Protests Live Blog 20:20 GMT: People are


Innocent Man Imprisoned For 5 Years Survived CIA Electroshock Torture, Witnessed Lethal Beatings

An innocent man imprisoned by the U.S. government for 5 years in CIA torture camps survived electroshock torture and witnessed lethal beatings of prisoners. A report by Russia Today reveals


More Christian Terrorism? Texas Planned Parenthood Fire Bombed

Right Wing Christian extremist have drawn immediate blame for a reported fire bombing of a Texas Planned Parenthood A Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas has been firebombed, according to reports.


Scientists Warn Experiments On Primates Could Give Rise To A “Planet Of The Apes” Type Scenario

A group of British scientists have expressed concerns that experiments on primates could give rise to a “Planet of the Apes” type scenario. Jim Drury of Reuters reports: Video Transcripts:


Propaganda That “Radiation Is Good For You” Is “An Incredible Lie” From The Nuclear Industry Says NY Professor

A Professor From The State University of New York Says That The Nuclear Industry Propaganda That ‘Radiation Is Good For You’ Is ‘An Incredible Lie’ Karl Grossman, a professor at


Japanese Nuclear Emergency Director: Citizens Have No Right To A Healthy Radiation Free Life

Japan’s nuclear emergency director tells citizens they have no right to live a radiation free healthy life while refusing to test children’s urine and answer why Fukushima radiation standard differs


9/11 Compensation Fund Won’t Cover Cancer Costs After Feds Covered Up Carcinogens In Ground Zero Air

The feds are refusing to provide 9/11 first responders with cancer treatment after they covered up carcinogens in the air at Ground zero after the Twin Towers collapsed for “national