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Grant And Santelli On Europe Bailout: It’s A Ponzi Scheme

Mark Grant And Rick Santelli discuss the use of ECB bonds for sovereign debt bailout explaining in simple terms why it is really a Ponzi scheme. As Simon Hobbs noted


A $50 Fine For A $50,000 Bank Heist

As Banks continually get fined far less than what they steal from us, what if the tables were turned and we only got fined $50 for stealing $50,000 from them?


Deleveraging Needed In Next 4 Years: $28 Trillion

Despite widespread speculation and numerous reports that America is deleveraging it isn’t and truth be told a massive deleveraging crisis lies ahead. Over the past several years, there has been


Wall Street Exodus Continues – Another $3.6 Billion Pulled Last Week

The flight of the masses from Wall Street stocks continues as another $3.6 billion was pulled last week and trading volume sits at all-time lows. This shows the importance of


Police Open Fire On Striking Miners, Several Dead

An extremely graphic clip shows how a modern-day workers revolt is being handled with police opening fire on striking miners with several dead in the aftermath. In a stunning and


41 Years Ago The Gold Standard Died Spawning Economic Purgatory

As we mark the 41st birthday since Tricky Dick sentenced the Gold Standard to death here is a look at how it resulted in our Economic Purgatory.As we await the


Finland Preparing End Of Euro, Deeply Suspicious of EU’s ‘Gang of Four’

Finland breaks stride with other nations claiming they aren’t even contemplating the end of Euro by telling the Telegraph it is only a matter of time. If you have been


Wall Street Pro Will Lead The Revolution: We Need To Put The Fear Into These People

Hard-hitting enraged (and rightly so) compilation of Wall Street Pro beating the crap out of Chinese products while rattling off facts and figures about the economy and corrupt government. Extreme


INSIDE JOB – Bear Stearns Was Rated AAA

Bear Stearns Was Rated AAA when it was bailed out. How can that be? Laughter… Well that’s a good question! Bear Stearns, Fannie, Freddie… all rated AAA when they were


US Postpones Japanese Beef Imports Over Radiation Testing Concerns

The US has order a halt to the resumption of Japanese beef imports over concerns about Japan’s testing methods. The US has further postponed the resumption of Japanese beef imports