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CNN Spins Wall Street Fraud Settlement As Obama Forced Bailout

CNN spins the Wall Street mortgage fraud settlement as an Obama forced homeowner bailout, while not even mentioning the settlement was for the banks fraud and illegal activities. Scouring the


Our ‘Broke’ US Postal Service Giving Away Billions In Profits

As United States Postal Service faces the dire threat of bankruptcy due to lack of profitability in reality it is giving billions in profits to private companies. UPS just delivered


Global Move Your Money Week: October 1-7, 2012

Its time for all of us, the entire world, stand up and say, “We’re tired of your bullshit, your crimes, your greed and your insolence. F*** you bank scum!” A


Media Blackout As Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiated In Secret

The corporate media is very persistent on purposefully missing some very important subjects – this time the secretly negotiated Trans-Pacific partnership. While the Obama administration boasts about the trade benefits


The US Treasury’s Secret $2.4 Trillion Secret

Who got bailed out? Mutual fund companies such as BlackRock, BNY Mellon, T. Rowe Price, Dreyfus, and Legg Mason took advantage of federal assistance, plus large banks that provide money


California Cries Bankruptcy As A Hidden $600 Billion Is Discovered

A ‘hidden’ $600 billion is discovered as California threatens to follow suit the lead of its cites and declaring bankruptcy over a $43 billion shortfall. California cities and counties have


Paulson’s Closed-Door Wall Street Bailout Threats Revealed

We are reposting this story in light of today’s revelation: The U.S. Treasury’s $2.4 Trillion Secret In the above video starting at the 2:20 mark, House Democrat Paul Kanjorski details


America’s Great 2012 Drought – As Bad As The Dust Bowl?

The progress of the drought of 2012 has been horrific covering almost as much of the U.S. as during the 1930s dust bowl. The current drought is covering almost as


Black Panther Vet On CoIntel Pro And Movement Crushing Techniques

Larry Pinkney breaks down cointelpro tactics and how the government keeps the masses using false left-right political paradigm to divide and conquer. Alex welcomes veteran of the Black Panther Party,


Japan Newspaper Admits ‘Millions Around Tokyo Living In Radiation Controlled Area’

The Hokkaido Newspaper in Japan has steps away from the government propaganda and warns radiation contamination around Tokyo is as bad as Fukushima. On 8/4/2012, Hokkaido Newspaper mentioned the contamination