2012 Oil Is Still Under The Water – BP, Enbridge, And The EPA Are Lying

2012 Oil Is Still Under The Water – BP, Enbridge, And The EPA Are Lying

Local residents have put out a video and a plea for help showing that BP, Enbridge, and the EPA are lying about the oil still submerged beneath the water.

2 years after the Michigan oil spill, that occurred during the infamous BP Gulf Oil spill, the cover up continues as BP, Enbridge and the EPA continue to lie about oil submerged beneath the water’s surface.

Last year, one year after the Michigan spill, I received an SOS from local residents.

One Year Later EPA Has Done Little To Make BP Clean Up Embridge Michigan Oil Spill

BP Enbridge Oil Spill victims say that almost a year later the EPA has done little to force BP to clean up the 800,000 gallons of oil they spilled into Michigan waters. They are asking for your help to spread awareness to create enough public pressure to force the EPA to act.

This SOS was sent to my on my YouTube channel, YouTube.com/user/alexhiggins732, showing citizens of Enbridge crying out for justice from the EPA over their oil spill in Michigan.

You do remember the Enbridge spill, right? In case you don’t it was the oil pipeline spill that occurred in Michigan during the BP Gulf Oil Spill. During the spill over 800,000 gallons crude oil was spilled into Michigan waterways including the Kalamazoo river with the epicenter of the spill being in Battle Creek and Marshall Michigan.

Here’s some headlines to refresh your memory

BP Has Ties to Michigan Oil Spill, Enbridge | The Alexander Higgins Blog
Residents near Enbridge oil spill might have faced pressure to sign waivers | Alexander Higgins Blog

blog.alexanderhiggins.com — A top law enforcement official is being asked to look into whether Enbridge Energy Partners pressured Michigan residents to give up legal rights to sue in exchange for relief aid to deal with the Enbridge oil spill.

Enbridge denies allegations of coercion – House committee members say company asked Michigan residents near spill site to sign waivers against further liability

State probes oil spill cleanup | Reports of health risks, undocumented workers investigated

Michigan’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation this week into conditions of the workers cleaning up the more than 800,000 gallons of crude oil that recently spilled into western Michigan waterways.


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